Any student planning to graduate Spring 2013 should contact their departmentimmediatelyif they have not submitted a Request to Graduate form to the Registrar. The form is available at the Registrar's office in Montana Hall. The deadline to submit an Application for Baccalaureate Degree to the Registrar's Office is as follows. If applications are not submitted to the Registrar's Office by the following dates, they must be accompanied by a letter of support from the student's department. Fall Term Graduation must be submitted by the 15th course day of the preceding Spring Semester. Spring Term Graduation must be submitted by the 15th course day of the proceeding Fall Semester. Summer Term Graduation must be submitted by the 15th course day of the Spring Semester. To better serve students and departments, the Registrar's Office has refined some application review procedures to ensure that students have enough time to address any deficiencies before their actual term of graduation.


The Registrar's Office will mail deficiency letters to students and email that information to departments for degree candidates. With this information, academic advisors can address any problems during the advising period.

A followup postcard will be sent to students still showing deficiencies. The intent is to provide ample notification before drop/add deadlines occur for degree candidates.

Baccalaureate applications no longer need to be signed by the Associate Dean of the college. Students must now have their academic advisor signature and the departments certifying officer’s signatures on the application.

For more information regarding graduation requirements, you may direct questions using the alpha-breakdown for a student's last name listed by each Registrar's Office staff as shown below.


Linda Roberts 994-5517
H-O Dagny Mest 994-5089
P-Z Tracy Grossberg 994-5519