According to the Board or Regent grade policy at all institutions within the Montana University System, a "D-" will be considered a passing grade only for free electives. For all other courses: core, required courses in majors or minors, or pre-requisite courses, a grade of  "C-" or better must be achieved. This policy is intended to increase standards and thus does not affect units that currently have more stringent requirements in place. For the purpose of this policy, the required 42 upper-division credits will be considered required courses and thus a grade of "C-" or better is required.

This policy was effective beginning in Fall 2005, but does not affect students who entered the Montana University System prior to this date and have been continuously enrolled. Students who do not register for 3 consecutive semesters (including summer) are considered to have broken continuous enrollment.

Departments still have the authority to grant individual exceptions to this policy with respect to departmental requirements, including prerequisites. For other appeals (upper division, previous catalogs, core requirements, etc.) students should contact their Assistant/Associate Dean or the Registrar's Office.