Starting in the Fall of 2009, MSU began to make changes to its course numbers and titles. This is part of a state-wide project requiring all Montana University System colleges & universities to use the same subject designations, numbers and titles for equivalent courses. This project will be continuing until all courses have been reviewed and renumbered.

Equivalencies are indicated directly in the on-line Schedule of Classes. For example, in the Fall 2010 Schedule of Classes, ENGL 121W would be found under the WRIT rubric as WRIT 101 with text stating: Formerly ENGL 121W


Changes for Spring 2013 include:

ACT:       Activities, General - formerly HHD, HDCF, HDCO, HDFN, HDHL, HDPE

ACTV:     Activities, Varsity - formerly HDPE

CHTC:    Community Health - formerly HDHL, HDPE

COA:       Coaching - formerly HDPE

COMX:    Communication - formerly COM

CRWR:   Creative Writing - fomerly ENGL

CSTN:     Construction Trades - formerly DRFT


DDSN:    Drafting Design - fomerly DRFT

EDSP:     Special Education - former HDCF

ESOF:     Software Engineering - formerly CS

FCS:        Family & Consumer Science - formerly HDCF


GDSN:    Graphic Design - formerly GDSN

HADM:     Health Administration - formerly HDHL

HEE:        Health Enhancement:  formerly HDPE

HS:           Human Services - formerly HDCF

HTH:        Health - formerly HDCF


KIN:         Kinesiology - formerly HDPE

LING:      Linguistics - formerly ENGL

LSCI:      Library Science - formerly LIBR


MART:     Media Arts - fomerly ART

RBPF:     Residential Building Performance - all new courses

SRVY:     Surveying - fomerly CE

The new course numbers and titles will count in exactly the same way as the old numbers and titles did in the past. However, for students who transfer to other campuses within Montana, the courses will transfer with the same numbers and titles. Both the old and new versions will count toward curricular requirements in the same way. New course numbering information can be found in the Spring 2013 Registration Handbook on page 6 and 7.

More detailed information and other links to important new numbering information pages can be found at: