Gallatin College is the local two-year college, and now a College within MSU. 


We are located in Hamilton Hall on the first and second floors.  Our first floor space includes our primary reception desk (101 Hamilton Hall) and the Academic Development Center (ADC).  The ADC is a math and writing tutoring center for all students taking Developmental Courses (WRIT 080, WRIT 095, M 065, M 096, M 097, COLS 100 and COLS 103).  The ADC is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, and staffed during the fall and spring semesters with tutors and instructors during peak student use hours (contact Gallatin College for the semester tutor schedule).  The ADC has an ID card reader, and first and second year students are awarded ChampChange points for working with a tutor or studying at the Center.  The Pre-University Studies Academic Advisor and some faculty offices are also located on the first floor.  The second floor houses two classrooms and several Gallatin College faculty offices.

Gallatin College now has a three-part mission. Gallatin College offers instructor-taught developmental coursework in math, writing, and study skills, and advises all students who are conditionally admitted to MSU (major is Pre-University Studies). We offer one- and two-year programs to serve the workforce needs of the Gallatin Valley. We also offer general education coursework designed for transfer to MSU or other four-year universities. 

The general education degrees that students may pursue at Gallatin College are: Associate of Arts and Associate of Science (both two-year, or 60 credit, degrees).  Courses for these degrees are offered primarily in the evening at Bozeman High School.  Students, faculty or advisors with questions are encouraged to contact Gallatin College, 994-5536.


Students from across campus who have struggled academically or are looking to improve study skills, test-taking strategies, and time management are encouraged to enroll in COLS 100 Effective Academic Practices or COLS 103 College Learning Strategies (fall semester only). 

Math 097 (M097) Survey of Algebra (Mastery Learning) is now offered by Gallatin College starting Spring Semester 2013.   This course was previously taught by the Department of Mathematical Sciences at MSU. 

M 097 is the four-credit, flexible-paced course equivalent to the instructor-taught M 096 course (both are at Level 2 on the Mathematics Prerequisite Flowchart).

Features of this course include:

* independent study, flexible pacing

* required attendance at scheduled class periods with guidance and tutoring by experienced faculty

* on-line coursework, grade record, and tests as well as some paper/pencil assignments and tests

* mastery of each unit required before progressing to the next unit

* testing scheduled outside of class hours by sign-up

* students can complete the course as quickly as they complete required tests.

The flexible-paced format is aimed at students who

*would benefit from progressing at a faster or slower pace than the instructor-taught M 096 course

*have good time management skills

*prefer to study on their own

*possess good independent study skills.

For additional information, contact Gallatin College, 994-5536.


Developmental Courses offered by Gallatin College Programs

COLS 100

Effective Academic Practices

This course is designed to help students make a smooth transition to college academics and to help students maximize their potential in all courses. This course requires students to define their purpose in pursuing a college education; understand their learning preferences and implement learning and study strategies; become acquainted with professors, academic advisors, and MSU resources and how to seek academic assistance; and set short- and long-term academic and career goals. 

3 credits

COLS 103

College Learning Strategies

This survey course introduces students to the effective use of college resources and methods of increasing success in other courses.  It acquaints students with study skills and prepares them to integrate traditional study skills with college content areas.   Students will develop learning and study strategies to become efficient students.  Also, students will become familiar with professors, academic advisors and college resources.

1 credit


WRIT 080

Building Basic Writing Skills

This course introduces students to critical reading practices and writing for academic purposes.  Critical reading practices focus on textual analysis of non-fiction works, and writing focuses on sentence and paragraph development.

4 credits

WRIT 095

Developmental Writing

Offers a bridge for students to advance into college writing by providing an opportunity to develop paragraphs and short essays.  This course also introduces students to critical reading practices by focusing on textual analysis of non-fiction works.

4 credits

M 065


This instructor-taught course introduces basic concepts relating to fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, percents, simple equations, topics of signed numbers, and 1-variable linear equations are offered as a review and/or preparation for further studies in mathematics.  Pass/Fail course.

4 credits

M 096

Survey of Algebra

This instructor-taught course initiates development in students' ability to organize thought processes and systematically solve problems while preparing students for studies in other courses. Topics include linear equations and inequalities and their graphs, systems of linear equations, exponents, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions and square roots. This course is equivalent to M 097.

4 credits

M 097

Survey of Algebra

(Equivalent to M 096)M 097 is a flexible-paced course that allows independent study, mastery learning, and on-line coursework.   Attendance is required at scheduled class periods with guidance and tutoring by experienced faculty.  The course follows the same content as Math 096.

4 credits



Gallatin College continues to develop one and two-year technical programs to serve the needs of the Gallatin Valley.  These programs now include Aviation, Interior Design, Design Drafting and Welding as well as Bookkeeping, Medical Assistant and Residential Building Performance.  All Gallatin College programs are open to MSU-Bozeman students; however, they must contact an Academic Advisor at Gallatin College for availability of space in the class for non-majors.

NEW!! For Summer 2013 & Fall 2013:

Health Information Coding

The Certificate Applied Science (CAS) Health Information Coding will provide students the opportunity to learn all aspects of medical coding.  This one-year CAS will provide students the ability to code and work in a variety of health care settings: hospitals, clinics, home health agencies, long-term care, insurance companies, consulting firms and software vendors. They will often work on the administrative team of a health facility. This program closely follows the standards set forth by the American Health Information Management Association's (AHIMA) certification program. Upon completion of the required 35 hours of course work, students are eligible to take the certifying examination offered through the AHIMA. This industry specific certification demonstrates to the employer that this student has a particular aptitude in coding.

Information about  all of the above programs can be found on the Gallatin College web site at: