At the suggestion of students, MSU began a new registration protocol for registration access as of Spring semester 2012. This new priority access to registration replaces the use of randomly assigned birth date access. Access to registration is now be based on earned credits, so that priority is given to those students with the most cumulative earned credits. The actual process for on-line registration will remain the same. Once students access registration, they may continue to adjust course schedules online through the standard semester deadlines.

Earned credits are cumulative credits from those courses completed in previous semesters, and are shown on a student’s transcript as cumulative earned credits & grades. The credit range for each class group is:

  • senior - 90 or more earned credits
  • junior - 60-89 earned credits
  • sophomore - 30-59 earned credits
  • freshman - 29 or fewer earned credits

This new priority access is intended to support student progress toward degree completion by helping students and their academic advisors better plan for degree requirements. Registration for Summer and Fall 2013 begins on March 25, 2013 and students are assigned specific days and times based on earned credits through April 10, 2013. Graduate and post-baccalaureate students are assigned access to registration on the first day (March 25) with seniors. Subsequently each class is assigned specific days to access registration based on a priority of earned credit totals within each class group.

Information regarding Summer Session 2013 can be found at:

The Fall 2013 Registration Timeline can be viewed on this link to the Fall 2013 Registration Handbook. You will find the timeline on page 17.