US 101 First-Year Seminar Peer Leader Application

Fall 2017 Applications

Peer leaders are mentors and positive academic role models who work with students in a section of US 101. Peer leaders co-facilitate discussion, meet with students outside of class, and help faculty create a safe, open space where students test out their ideas and strengthen critical thinking, communication, and research skills.  In addition, Peer Leaders are enrolled in US 460: Peer Leadership – a 3 credit upper division class that meets once a week during the semester.  During this class, Peer Leaders are provided with the necessary support, resources, and ongoing training to assist US 101 Instructors-of-record and US 101 students in the classroom.

We seek students of high character who have the desire, time, and energy to make a positive impact in the lives of first-year students. Please carefully consider your ability to manage your other obligations prior to applying and, if accepted, participating in the program. Peers average 5 hours a week in classes and meetings. Time spent reading course texts and preparing for the 101 and 460 classes is in addition to this. Peers are required to participate in two training sessions prior to the start of the semester. Please see below for details on the training schedule.

 Application Deadline:  Friday, April 7, 2017 

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Student Information
US Core Class (if applicable)
Peer leaders are required to provide two references who know you well and can speak to your academic abilities and your preparedness to mentor first-year students. References should be faculty, academic advisors, or MSU staff who can speak to the items mentioned above. References cannot come from students, family members, or current University Studies seminar coordinators. Please include the contact information of your references, and we will contact them directly.
Reference 1
Reference 2
Questions for Student Responses
Application Review and Interview Timeline
The timeline for the application review, interview and selection process is listed below. Please identify in the spaces provided which interview days/times you would be able to attend. We will follow up with you via email to confirm to which interview time slot you have been assigned.

February-March                                      Recruitment & Receiving Applications

April 7, 2017                                             Application Deadline

April 11-14                                                Group Interviews

April 17                                                      Notification of Peer Selection
Peer Leader Training Meetings (Mandatory)
There will be two orientation and training sessions prior to the start of the fall semester.  So that we can better plan, please indicate your ability to attend both sessions below.
Fall 2017 US 460 Class Schedule

Peer leaders serving in US101US earn 3 credits of upper division coursework by being enrolled in and attending weekly meetings of US460 Peer Leadership. Once peer leaders are selected, Seminar staff will enroll accepted peer leaders into the course directly. US460 will meet at the following time in the fall 2016 semester:

Thursdays, 4:30-6:30pm, Weeks 1-13

Fall 2017 US 101 Schedule
There are 40-45 sections of US 101US offered in the Fall semester, with an average of 2-4 sections running at any given time slot in the University Schedule of Classes.  If you are accepted to serve as a Peer Leader, we will provide a means of indicating your preferred section times following registration. 
By typing your name and date below, you are verifying that all information provided is accurate and truthful.  You are agreeing to attend all mandatory training sessions as indicated above.