Lead: Provost and Faculty Senate

Goal alignment: Integration, Learning, Discovery, Engagement

Member Department
Martha Potvin, lead VP & Provost, Academic Affairs
Michael Reidy, lead Professor, History & Philosophy
Doug Downs Associate Professor, English
Brett Walker Professor, History & Philosophy
Shannon Willoughby Assistant Professor, Physics
Sarah Codd Professor, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Catherine Zabinski Professor, Land Resources & Environmental Sciences
Carrie Myers Associate Professor, Education
Dean Adams Assistant Professor, Art
Amber Stenson Student, Business Major

The UPDating CORE 2.0 working group has met twice a month since October and has gathered information on perceptions and assessment of the current CORE 2.0 program, new programs at other institutions, and requirements of the Montana University System for general education. Stephanie Kenen, Associate Dean of Harvard College has agreed to visit campus on January 15, 2015 to discuss the substance and process for the new general education model on her campus. Both a public forum and meeting with the committee.