Carly Urban's Research

Published and Forthcoming Papers

The Effects of a Foreclosure Moratorium on Loan Repayment Behaviors (with J. Michael Collins) Accepted at Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2017

Student Loans and College Performance (with Christiana Stoddard and Maximilian Schmeiser) Accepted at Journal of Consumer Affairs, 2017

Perspectives on Evaluation in Financial Education: Landscape, Issues, and Studies (with William Walstad, Carlos J. Asarta, Elizabeth Breitbach, William Bosshardt, Julie Heath, Barbara O'Neill, Jamie Wagner, and Jing Jian Xiao) **second author, Journal of Economic Education 2017, 48(2): 93-112. 

  • National Endowment for Financial Education White Paper version here

Does Negative Advertising Affect Giving Behavior? Evidence from Campaign Contributions(with Sarah Niebler) Journal of Public Economics 2017, 146: 15-26. 

Does Salient Student Loan Information Affect College Students' Academic and Borrowing Behavior? (with Christiana Stoddard and Maximilian Schmeiser) Economics of Education Review 2017, 56(C): 95-109. 

Student Loan Information Provision and Academic Choices (with Maximilian Schmeiser and Christiana Stoddard) American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings, May 2016, 106(5): 324-328. 

Workplace Financial Education and Retirement Behavior (with J. Michael Collins) Economic Inquiry 2016, 54(4): 1860-1872. 

  • Center for Financial Security Policy Brief here
  • Squared Away Boston College blog coverage

Negative Advertising and Political Competition  (with Amit Gandhi and Daniela Iorio)  Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 2016, 32(3): 433-477.

Local Economic Growth from Primary Election Spending (with Rebecca Lessem) The Economic Journal 2016, 126(597): 2147-2172.

Servicer Heterogeneity: Do Servicing Practices Influence Loan Cure Rates? (with Carolina Reid and J. Michael Collins) Housing Policy Debate 2017, 27(1): 1-27. 

Mandatory Mediation and the Renegotiation of Mortgage Contracts  (with J. Michael Collins) The Economic Journal, December 2015, 125(589): 1734-1763. 

Sustaining Homeownership After Delinquency: The Effectiveness of Loan Modifications by Race and Ethnicity (with J. Michael Collins and Carolina Reid) Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research, November 2015, 17(1)

The Dark Side of Sunshine: Regulatory Oversight and Status Quo Bias  (with J. Michael Collins) Journal of Economics, Behavior, and Organization, November 2014, 107-B: 470-486

Is Smoking Inferior? Evidence from Variation in the Earned Income Tax Credit  (with Donald Kenkel and Maximilian Schmeiser) Journal of Human Resources, October 2014, 49:1094-1120

Dollars on the Sidewalk: Should U.S. Presidential Candidates Advertise in Uncontested States?  (with Sarah Niebler)  American Journal of Political Science, April 2014, 58:2, 322-336

Protecting Homeowners: Foreclosure Counseling Policies and Modifications of Mortgage Terms  (with J. Michael Collins and Maximilian Schmeiser) Journal of Consumer Affairs, July 2013, 47(2):289–310

Working Papers

 The Effects of Financial Education on Student Financial Aid Choices (with Christiana Stoddard)

  • This Version: June 2017, under review

State Financial Education Mandates and the Credit Behavior of Young Adults (with Alexandra Brown, J. Michael Collins and Maximilian Schmeiser)

The Demography of Credit: Doubling up and Household Credit  (with Alexandra Brown, J. Michael Collins and Maximilian Schmeiser)

  • This Version: May 2015

Work in Progress

  • What does Advertising do? Evidence from Political Price Shifters (with Kenneth Goldstein)
  • Mobilization and Persuasion in Congressional Elections (with Anja Prummer)
  • Financial Wellbeing over the Life Cycle (with J. Michael Collins)
  • Why are Elderly Mortgages on the Rise? (with Erik Hembre and J. Michael Collins)
  • Can Past Local Economic Shocks Explain the 2016 Election? (with Sarah Niebler)