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Facilities Advisory Committee


Name Entity Represented Affiliation Term Term # Ends
Aytes, Kregg Provost/Dean's Council Dean, College of Business 3 yrs 3 06/2017
Amende, Kevin Faculty Mechanical & Industrial Engineering 3 yrs 1 06/2017
Bachar, Laurie VP Admin & Finance Occupational Health Manager, Safety & Risk Management 3 yrs 1 06/2017
Swinehart, Todd Community/Business Director, Facilities - Sch Dist 7 2 yrs 2 06/2016
Vacant ASMSU ASMSU Annual --- ---
Hixson, Rick Community - Building Professional Bozeman, City Engineer 2 yrs 3 06/2016
Juroszek, Steven Department Heads Architecture 3 yrs 1 06/2017
Lee, Toni Professional Council Director of Conference and Event Services 2 yrs 1 06/2016
Vacant At-Large --- 3 yrs --- ---
Meyer, James H. Faculty Senate Department of History & Philosophy 3 yrs 1 06/2017
Sterling, Tracy Department Heads LRES 3 yrs 1 06/2017
Stocks, Melanie Customer - Auxiliaries Director, Sports Facilities 3 yrs 3 06/2017
Huls, Dale Customer - VP Research Asst Director, Sponsored Programs 3 yrs 4 06/2017
van Almelo, Justin Staff Senate Security Associate, ITC 2 yrs 1 06/2016
Laney, MeMe Committee Admin Support Facilities Admin Officer Ex-Off no vote ---

Staff Support

  • Jeff Butler, Director, Facilities Services
  • Walt Banziger, Director, Facilities Planning Design & Construction
  • Patti Yasbek, Manager, Facilities Budgets & IT
  • MeMe Laney, Facilities Admin Assoc.


The Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) shall review and comment on Facilities policies, procedures, action plans, fees, services, budgets, long term maintenance plans, annual maintenance plans, and LRBP project development priorities; participate in search and selection of candidates for the Directors of Facilities and any of the Facilities Manager areas; advise the Facilities Management Team regarding issues with potential impacts to Campus and/or Facilities; and shall support, advocate, and promote the Facilities Services Departments to campus and community constituents.


The Committee shall meet monthly or as determined necessary by the Committee. Currently, meetings are scheduled for the fourth Thursday of each month at 2:00 pm.


Members shall serve terms as noted above. Terms shall be staggered to promote continuity. All members, except ex officio members, are voting members of the committee.

Appointed By

  • The Provost shall appoint members to represent the Provost/Dean's Council and the Dept Heads; Faculty Senate shall appoint Faculty representatives; and VPAF shall appoint Community representatives.
  • VPAF and VP Research shall designate a representative from within their operations, VP Student Success shall designate a representative from the Auxiliaries area, and Staff Senate and Professional Council shall designate a representative from their organizations.
  • At-Large member is nominated at the discretion of the Committee, appointed by the President and serves at the pleasure of the Committee.

Member Responsibilities

Committee members are selected on the basis of the following: a) the specific responsibilities related to their position (ex officio); b) their particular expertise, knowledge or interest relating to the responsibilities of the committee, the campus in general; and/or c) to represent the interests of a particular constituent group.

In recognition of the importance of MSU’s commitment to Shared Governance, MSU’s dynamic participative governance processes actively solicit input, advice and perspective from all campus constituencies to inform the institution’s administrative leadership regarding campus issues, policies and procedures that impact the direction of the institution. Therefore, in addition to the active participation in committee activities by each member, the responsibilities of committee members who represent a constituent group (can particularly those who represent an MSU governance body, e.g., Faculty Senate, Professional Council, Staff Senate, ASMSU) include regular, timely reports and dissemination of appropriate and relevant information to their constituent group, as well as reciprocal solicitation of constituent group input regarding issues related to the charge of the Facilities Advisory Committee.


The Provost/Dean's Council representative shall chair the committee. Vice-Chair shall be elected from among the members.

Advisory To

  • Director, Facilities Services
  • Director, Facilities Planning, Design, & Construction
  • Associate Vice President, University Services
  • Vice-President for Administration & Finance

Reports Due

As Requested by Vice-President for Administration & Finance.