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Campus Planning,
Design & Construction

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Walter Banziger
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Associate University Planner:

Victoria Drummond
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University Facilities Planning Board


Name Entity Represented Affiliation Term Term # Ends
Smith, Royce Chair Dean, Arts & Architecture 3 yrs 1 09/2020
Banziger, Walt Vice Chair Campus Planning, Design & Construction Ex-Off ----- -----


Name Entity Represented Affiliation Term Term # Ends
Blunck, Kurt Executive Member Parking Services Ex-Off ----- -----
Boyer, Charles Member Dean, Agriculture Ex-Off -----
Butler, Jeff Executive Member Facilities Services Ex-Off ----- -----
Campbell, Matthew Member ASMSU Ex-Off ----- -----
Everts, Michael Faculty Representative Architecture 3 yrs 4 06/2019
Fastnow, Christina Member Planning & Analysis Ex-Off ----- -----
Jorgensen, Neil Staff Senate Facilities Services 3 yrs 1 08/2017
Kack, David Professional Council Western Transportation Institute (WTI) 3 yrs 1 08/2019
Kearns, Chris Member VP Student Success Ex-Off ----- -----
Leist, Terry Executive Member VP Administration & Finance Ex-Off ----- -----
Mokwa, Robert Member Provost and VP of Academic Affairs Ex-Off ----- -----
Owens, Rebecca Community Representative City of Bozeman 3 yrs 1 09/19
Reijo Pera, Renee Member VP Research & Economic Development Ex-Off ----- -----
Rifki, Fatih Faculty Representative Architecture 3 yrs 2 06/2018
Stump, Tom Member Auxiliary Services Ex-Off ----- -----
Thull, Jim Faculty Representative Library 3 yrs 3 06/2017
York, Brenda Member Disability, Re-entry, & Veteran's Services Ex-Off ----- -----
Vacant Faculty Representative ----- 3 yrs ----- -----


The University Facilities Planning Board serves in an advisory capacity to the President and will hear, review, and make recommendations on items to maintain policies related to the development of campus facilities and grounds. All University committees whose primary function relates to the role of this Board shall be formed by and report to this Board. All Proposals generated by individuals, groups, or committees that relate to the role of the Board shall be reviewed by the Board for recommended action to the President.


Alternate Tuesdays at 3:30 pm.


The Board is comprised of members appointed by the President from various campus constituencies and a set of ex officio members. All members of the Board have voting and proxy rights. See Roles and Scope for additional information.

Member Responsibilities

Committee members are selected on the basis of one or more of the following:

  • the Specific responsibilities related to their position (ex officio);
  • their particular expertise, knowledge or interest relating to the responsibilities of the committee and/or the campus in general;
  • to represent the interests of a particular constituent group.

In recognition of the importance of MSU's commitment to Shared Governance, MSU's dynamic participative governance processes actively solicit input, advice and perspective from all campus constituencies to inform the institution's administrative leadership regarding campus issues, policies, procedures that impact the direction of the institution. Therefore, in addition to the active participation in committee activities by each member, the responsibilities of committee members who represent a constituent group, and particularly those who represent an MSU governance body (e.g. Faculty Senate, Professional Council, Staff Senate, ASMSU), include regular, timely reports to their governance body and dissemination of appropriate and relevant information to their constituents, as well as reciprocal solicitation of constituent group input regarding issues before the Committee.

Length of Term

Chair, Faculty Representatives, Staff Senate Representative, and Professional Council Representatives are appointed to a three-(3) year term.

Appointed By

Faculty Council, Staff Senate, and Professional Council shall nominate candidates for the respective UFPB representatives and forward them to the President for appointment. ASMSU shall appoint an ASMSU representative.


Current - Royce Smith
Chair – Dean of Arts & Architecture
Appointed by - President
Length of Term - 3 years

Advisory To


Reports Due

As Requested