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Campus Planning,
Design & Construction

Montana State University
PO Box 172760
Bozeman, MT 59717-2760

Tel: 406 994-5413
Fax: 406 994-5665
Location: Rm 113, Plew


Walter Banziger
    Email Walter Banziger

Associate University Planner:

Victoria Drummond
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University Facilities Planning Board

In addition to University Facilities Planning Board (UFPB) members, the following people receive copies of Agendas and Minutes of meetings held by the UFPB.

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Name/Email Title Address Phone
Ashley, Bonnie Registrar and Director of Admissions 101 Montana Hall 406-994-2603
Chansley, Patricia Administrative Officer for Provost 212 Montana Hall 406-994-4373
Cruzado, Waded Montana State University - President 211 Montana Hall 406-994-2341
Damberger, Butch Director, Strand Union 280D Strand Union Building 406-994-3082
Drummond, Victoria Facilities Planning, Design and Construction - University Planner 207A Plew Building 406-994-7914
Duffy, Lisa Assistant to the Dean of Agriculture 202 Linfield Hall 406-994-3683
Gagnon, Heidi Administrative Officer for Vice President for Administration and Finance 210D Montana Hall 406-994-4361
Heck, Diane Administrative Associate - Provosts Office 212 Montana Hall 406-994-4371
Kipfer, Julie Director - Marketing and Creative Services 433 Culbertson Hall 406-994-5737
LaCrone, Linda Administrative Officer for Vice President for Research, Creativity and Technology 207 Montana Hall 406-994-7355
Lashaway, Robert Assoc. VP - Admin & Finance 209 Plew Building 406-994-2001
McCoy, Shari Assistant to the President 211 Montana Hall 406-994-2341
McMillan, Becky Administrative Associate Auxiliary Services 31 Hedges Complex 406-994-6093
Putzke, Robert Administrative Manager, MSU Police 111 Huffman Building 406-994-2121
Shelhamer, Connie Agricultural Experiment Station - Budget Analyst 204 Linfield Hall 406-994-3292