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MSU Vehicle Rental Options

To drive a vehicle with a capacity of more than seven (7) occupants, a driver must have completed a State approved defensive driver training to operate a vehicle on public roads. This training is provided by the state Risk Management & Tort Defense group, and is 2 hours in length. These courses are offered monthly on campus, and announced on MSU Today.

For business travel you have four options for car rental:

Vendor Phone Contract Number Location
Enterprise (Downtown) 586-8010 WSCA# XZ63MSU Local & National
Enterprise (Airport*) 388-7420 WSCA# XZ63MSU Local & National
National (Airport*) 388-6694 WSCA# XZ63MSU Local & National
Hertz (Airport*) 800-654-3131 WSCA# 9949, CDP# 1985856 National**
* Airport rentals have additional fees.
** Hertz - Local Bozeman location does not participate in WSCA contract. Therefore, rentals are not covered for insurance, Young Drivers or Maintained Gravel Roads. If you are traveling outside of the Bozeman area and choose to rent through Hertz, please confirm that your rental with Hertz is on the WSCA contract, otherwise the same exclusions apply as per the local location.

The Enterprise Downtown location will deliver and pick-up cars from the MSU Motor Pool lot, located off of 7th Street.

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* Pricing lists are historical rates. New rates will be posted as soon as possible and are within a few dollars of those shown. Importantly, fees are higher at airport locations.

If you have additional questions, please call your rental vendor first. If you can't get an issue resolved, please contact Jeni Luft at 994-5503.