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8th and Cleveland Road Construction

View of Cleveland Street from 8th Avenue

Utilities and the surface of the road were replaced during a reconstruction project on South 8th Avenue and Cleveland Street.

The construction area extends on South 8th Avenue from Harrison Street to Cleveland Street; on South 7th Avenue from Harrison Street to Cleveland Street; and on Cleveland Street from South 6th Avenue to South 8th Avenue.

During construction, intersections were partially closed, but key access to all buildings, critical parking areas and service areas were maintained during the construction process. Pedestrian access to and from Hapner Hall and the Atkinson Quads was also maintained.

The project is expected to significantly improve the utility services throughout the northeast area of campus, as well as replace worn road surface with modern curb and gutter, asphalt paving and crosswalks. In addition, a median has been designed for the center of South 8th Avenue from Harrison Street to Cleveland Street. SIME Construction and HKM Engineering worked with Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction to complete the work.

Architect: Contractor:
HKM Engineering Sime Construction