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Cheever 215 Lecture Hall Renovation

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Lecture Hall Sub Display Cheever 215 renovated 2015 Cheever 215 renovated 2015 Lecture Hall Before Renovation Lecture Hall Before Renovation Project upgraded to Table and Chair Seating Rendering of Renovated Space with Dual Projector Screens Future Seating Layout Finishes

The person capacity Cheever 215 lecture hall was recently renovated.

Cheever Hall registrar classroom 215 was considered one of the top 3 large classrooms in need of renovation and upgrading in the large classroom registrar pool by the Classroom Committee rankings. Facilities Services had identified the need to replace the existing seating in the classroom due to the failure of the existing seating system and inability to obtain replacement parts.

The Classroom Committee along with the Provost Office expressed the desire to fully renovate and upgrade the classroom in similar fashion to Reid 108 and Linfield 125 in lieu of simply replacing the seating and associated flooring.

With University Facilities Planning Board recommendation, the President Cruzado's approval, and ASMSU endorsement to proceed with the project, MSU contracted with Langlas & Associates, the same contractor performing a seismic project at the Creative Arts Complex. Cheever is one of three buildings at the Creative Arts Complex. The project decreased the capacity from 115 to 108 seats. The renovated space will include four spaces for wheelchairs and eight flex seats. Normally, spaces lose 25% of their capacity when going from tablet arm to table and chairs, so this was an accomplishment by the renovation team to only lose 7 chairs.

A summary of features follows:

  • Tables and upholstered chair workstations. New concrete had to be poured over existing tiers to make them wider to accomodate the table and chair seating. See the schematic in the above gallery.
  • ADA seating
  • Dual video projector upgrade including one projector that will be able to show high quality movies
  • High quality sound system to accomodate film courses
  • New attractive carpet floor finishes
  • Audio-Visual cabinet
  • New mechanical system
  • New cooling system
  • Two magnetized glass dry erase boards
  • Lighting modeled after a similar install in Linfield 125
  • Cove stair lighting at the railings that will illuminate the stairs during darkened conditions
  • Lighting at soffits, downwash track lighting on the paneled wall system
  • Track lighting underneath the handrails that has a theater-like lighting feel to it
  • Bowed out wall panel system that will allow for infrastructure (electrical wiring, etc) behind the surface along the walls
  • Soffit was installed around perimeter of the ceiling to accommodate mechanical work
The cost to renovate the space was just under $700,000 with $500,000 coming from the Academic RR fund. Additional funds came from the Provost's office, EFAC, and Major Maintenance.

Consultant: GCCM: MSU Contact:
Mosaic Architecture Langlas & Associates, Inc. Andy Allen