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Hail Storm Projects

Picture of roof with patched holes from hail

Additional June Hail Damage Pictures

On June 30, 2010 a hail storm in Bozeman dropped 1½ inch diameter hail on the MSU Campus. The damage from the storm was widespread, impacting 270 buildings, and included broken windows, damaged screens, broken skylights, damaged roofs and damaged building siding. Total costs to repair the damage are estimated at $8 million. Repair work took three construction seasons (2010, 2011, 2012) involving on campus and off campus architects, consultants, project managers, trades people, and contractors.

Types of Work Number of Buildings Impacted Complete as of 3/15/2012 Scheduled 2012 Other Compensation in Lieu of Work
Windows Replaced 65 65
Skylights Replaced 12 11 1
Screens Replaced 172 172 0
Mechanical Systems and Other
(i.e. bird screens)
28 28 0
Painting Damaged Areas 116 26 0 90
Siding Repaired / Replaced 28 28 0
Roofs Repaired / Replaced 270 228 1 41

The Fieldhouse roof is in process. It may not be completed this construction season. The skylight at the museum is planned for completion by the end of October 2012.