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Jabs Hall - Future Home of the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Rendering of Jabs Hall when complete

Since October 14, 2011, following the announcement that Montana State University's College of Business was the recipient of a $25 Million dollar gift from MSU alumnus Jake Jabs, the new building's planning has been underway. With the assistance of Comma-Q Architecture of Bozeman and Hennebery Eddy Architects of Portland, the campus community recommended a building site that received presidential approval on April 13, 2012. Based on the location and programming needs a conceptual design has evolved. The design process has been inclusive, with numerous public charrettes and meetings involving a broad constituency - including formal organizations of students, faculty, alums and College of Business board members.

The building design is based on programmatic and sustainable goals. It's oriented with an east/west direction to maximize solar gain. The north elevation will have a terra cotta rain screen system, and the south elevation will be clad in a zinc material, an attractive and durable metal. An image of the state of Montana will be near the southwest entrance and the southeast corner will include two active solar components: photovoltaic panels and solar hot water preheat tubes are anticipated if financially feasible. Classrooms will be in the south portion of the building while offices will be in north portion.

Construction started in June of 2013. Occupants will move into the new building in Spring of 2015. The classrooms are anticipated to come online in time for the Fall 2015 semester.

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