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Campus Planning,
Design & Construction

Montana State University
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Walter Banziger
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Facilities Records Clerk

University Records Building - Picture by Mike Hansen

The Facility Records Clerk manages the University Records building and all associated records. The primary function of the University Records building is to house archives generated by Facilities Planning, Design & Construction and Facilities Services in order to maintain campus building information. These records include general construction files, as-built drawings, and Operations and Maintenance Manuals for university buildings. Additionally, the Facility Records Clerk stewards historic campus materials such as academic department communications, maps, and photographs. Records are available for the research of building history in the event of building repairs or alterations, cost analysis, historic preservation, or other matters. Complete the “Research and Document Request Form” to request information.

Historical Photo Examples

Early Montana Hall Aerial of MSU from 1933 Early Heating Plant
Early Montana Hall Photo by University Records Aerial view of MSU from 1933 Early Heating Plant Photo