Use the USP Online Application System to apply for undergraduate research opportunities in all disciplines. We will match you to the best funding source for your project. 

Application portal for Fall and Academic Year applications opens on Thursday, August 1!

Deadline to submit your application for Fall and Academic Year funding is Sunday, September 15 at 11:59PM.




Undergraduate Scholars Program


Funding for faculty-mentored student research in all disciplines.

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INBRE Undergraduate Scholars Program


Funding for faculty-mentored student research in bio-science and biomedical fields.

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Montana Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Research Grants


Funding for faculty mentored research in physical science, engineering, space, planetary and Earth science.

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Research & Economic Development Honors Research Fellowships


Research opportunity for first-year students enrolled in the Freshman Research Symposium (HONR 131).

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How to apply
  • Click the 'Apply Now' button to be routed to the above location.
  • From here, click the apply button at the bottom of the page or ifyou are not already signed in, you can also use the yellow sign-in button near the top right of the page.  
  • Clicking log-in will direct you to the standard NetID login page.
  • Once you log in, the site will redirect you straight to the Flexible application which is displayed below and youcan start completing the application.

How to apply

New Application System!

USP is now partnering with the Division of Student Success and the Office of Student Financial Aid Services to provide a single, seamless application process for student research opportunities and scholarships. The USP application system now uses Cat Scholarships an implementation of the Academic Works scholarship management system. To apply students must complete the Cat Scholarships General Application  before filling out the USP application. Filling out the general application will automatically match students to scholarships they are qualified for.

If you have not completed the Cat Scholarships General Application you will be directed to the General Application page. You must complete the General Application before submitting your USP grant application. Once you have completed the General Application, the USP application will appear in your Cat Scholarship dashboard and you can proceed with your undergraduate research proposal.