All students funded by USP are required to submit a report electronically at the end of their funding term. These reports help USP track project progress and follow-through on program requirements. They also provide long-term program assessment data, which is essential to securing future funding for the program.

Students who fail to submit reports risk cancellation of their final payment and jeopardize eligibility for future funding.  



How do I access the electronic report form?

The report forms will be emailed to students two weeks prior to the end of their funding term.      

What is the report format?

The report is structured as an exit-survey style questionnaire.  We collect information about progress made on projects, fulfillment of program requirements, opportunities for presentations and publications, etc.  We also collect data for our long-term program assessment (for example, students’ plans upon graduating, etc.).  

When are reports due?

Reports are typically due by midnight on the Friday of finals week for your term of funding.  You can review report due dates on the Program Requirements Overview page or contact the USP office to confirm your report due date.  USP typically sends an email reminder 1-2 weeks in advance of report deadlines, but please be sure to keep track of all applicable deadlines, as it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure that all deadlines and program requirements are met. 

Will USP accept late reports?

We cannot guarantee acceptance of late reports – the dashboard system automatically closes as deadlines expire, and once closed, facilitating and tracking late submissions is very time-consuming.  Our auditing schedule is often very tight with regard to campus payroll deadlines, so we cannot risk late payments for the whole group due to tracking late submissions. 

What if I am not finished with my project yet – do I still have to submit a report?

Yes – ALL students funded are expected to submit a report, whether they are finished with the project or not.  The end of term report is our way of communicating with students to make sure that they have either finished the project or are making good progress and have a plan in place for project completion.  We also collect data that is essential for our ongoing program assessment and program funding. 

If you have not completed your project by the report due date, please select the option on the report form that allows you to report on “progress to date” and proceed accordingly.   

What if the focus or scope of my project has changed since my original application?

There is an option on the report form to indicate changes in focus and scope.  Please select this option and proceed accordingly. 

Is a written or technical report required?

No – USP only requires submission of the electronic report form.  Students may submit a written report, copy of their poster, or other project materials for long term archiving through the Scholar Works database if they wish.  Scholar Works is a searchable, publically accessible database maintained thorough the MSU Library.  We encourage you to consult with your faculty mentor if you would like to consider archiving work through Scholar Works. 

Please be aware that your mentor may require you to write a technical report or scholarly paper as part of their expectations for the project.  Be sure to consult with your mentor in advance to make sure you are clear on their expectations for report writing and project documentation.   

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