Payment Schedule

USP typically splits awards into 2 payments with the first (and largest) being disbursed near the beginning of the project, and the final at the end of the project, pending submission of reports and fulfillment of program requirements.  Our typical payment schedule is outlined as follows:

Project Duration First Payment Final Payment

Academic Year



Fall Semester



Spring Semester






Note: Due to fiscal year change over, sometimes summer stipends are split into 3 payments - the first in June, second in August, and final in September.  


INBRE Projects

Please refer to the payment schedule outlined in your award letter.

USP stipend payments follow the campus payroll schedule.  Payroll runs once a month on the 11th, unless that date falls on a holiday or weekend, in which case payroll posts the working day before the 11th.  In special circumstances, students may be eligible to receive payment on a supplemental payroll (26th of the month), if processing is delayed due to late submission of new-hire paperwork.  Students who are active employees with another campus department or program are not eligible for supplemental payroll, and must wait until the following month’s payroll if documents are submitted late.      

In order to maintain a timely payment schedule, please be sure to follow-through with all requirements and deadlines outlined in your award letter and associated communications from the USP Office.  

Payment Options

Students may receive stipend payments via paper check or direct deposit. 

  • Instructions for Direct Deposit

Complete the Authorization for Payroll Direct Deposit form and submit directly to the campus HR office.  Note, online enrollment is closed until further notice - please complete the paper form and return to HR either in person or via post. In addition to the signed paper form, you will be asked to attach a voided check (for deposit to checking accounts) or deposit slip (for deposit to savings accounts).  Please contact HR at 994-3651 for questions or more information.   

In order to take effect, your Direct Deposit information must be submitted by the 20th of the month proceeding your payment date (i.e. November payments must be submitted by October 20).  You may verify payments by viewing an electronic pay stub in MyInfo under the “employee services” tab.      

If you are already enrolled in Direct Deposit through another campus job (including work study), you do not need to re-enroll. Your USP stipends will automatically be applied to your current account information.    

  • Instructions for Paper Checks

Paper checks will be mailed to your “Mailing Address” as listed in MyInfo.  Please verify that your mailing address is up-to-date by logging in to MyInfo and reviewing your “Address & Phone” information located under the “Personal Information” tab. 

If you have a change of address at any point during your award term, please be sure to update your mailing address in a timely manner to avoid delayed or lost checks.    

For Students with Multiple Campus Jobs

If you are employed on campus with another department or through the work study program, please be aware that you will not receive a separate check or deposit for your USP stipend.  Your USP stipend will be included with any other campus payments you are scheduled to receive.  If you have questions about how your USP payment/amount will post, please contact the USP office at 994-3561     


Tax Withholding 

Since USP payments are processed through payroll, associated state and federal taxes will be deducted from each payment.  All payment and withholding information will be reported on your W-2 at the end of the tax year.  Tax withholding can be reviewed on your electronic paystubs (posted in MyInfo under “employee services”).  An electronic copy of your W-2 will also be posted in MyInfo at the end of the tax year.          

Cancellation of Final Payments

Failure to submit the end of term report or follow-through with program requirements will result in cancellation (in whole or part) of your final payment. Please adhear to all program requirements and deadlines in order to maintain your payment schedule. Since USP cannot carry-over funding from one budget year to another, we cannot guarantee that payments can be re-issued once cancelled.