Will Griffiths Posters on the Hill

This competitive event hosted by CUR gives students the opportunity to showcase their research to congressional members, meet with their representatives, and learn about advocacy for undergraduate research in Washington, D.C. Students will have the opportunity to present their research on Capitol Hill in Spring 2019. 

MSU students selected to attend are eligible for USP funding to offset their travel expenses. For more infromation, please email rose.dormanen@montana.edu. To apply for Posters on the Hill 2019, click the button below!


Will Griffiths Article

In Spring 2018, William Griffiths received funding from MSU’s Undergraduate Scholars Program to begin writing a book that discusses the impacts of climate change on cold water fisheries in the American West. He is focusing on four western rivers: the Deschutes in Oregon, the Salmon in Idaho, and the Yellowstone and Madison rivers in Montana. Click here to read Willi Griffiths' article in the Missoulian.

Montana State University Posters on the Hill Presenters
Year University Student Project Title
2006 Montana State University

David Steppler

Influence of Co-contaminants and Natural Organic Matter on the Reduction of 2,4,5- trinitrotuluene (TNT), Chronium (VI), and Carbontetrachloride by Zero-valent Iron

2007 Montana State University Kelly Conde Soil Water Alkalinity as a Function of CO2 Concentrations
2009 Montana State University - Bozeman Timothy Brox Microbial Impacts on the Crystalline Structure and Liquid Vein Network of Laboratory Ices: Implications for sub-zero microbial activity
2013 Montana State University - Bozeman Neerja Zambare Biofilm Induced Biomineralization in a Radial Flow Reactor
2014 Montana State University Michael Samuel Fast Buffalo Horse Language Revilalization in Montana's Native American Communities
2018 Montana State University - Bozeman Will Griffiths Our Last Cast: The Future of Fly Fishing in the American West