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Watch: Dino Land
Many of the fossils discovered by MSU scientists are displayed at the Museum of the Rockies, one of the largest and most famous collections of dinosaur fossils in the world.

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Emma Murter

MSU student heads to China this summer for international hot spring study

Honors student and Presidential Scholar Emma Murter was one of two students selected to spend 10 weeks helping research microorganisms that live in the largest hot spring complex in China—Tengchong Volcanic Geological Park. Read more

Zach Dupree

For Zach Dupree, MSU has been all about connections 

Zach Dupree is part of an MSU team researching similarities between mathematic models of traffic traveling on a single lane road and a stream of polymerases elongating on a DNA strand, with eventual biomedical applications.  Read more

David Halat

MSU junior wins prestigious Goldwater Scholarship

David Halat, a junior in chemistry and mathematics, is the 54th MSU student to win the nation's premier scholarship for undergraduates studying math, natural sciences and engineering since the Goldwater Foundation was established in 1986.   Read more

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