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Camera obscura

Camera obscura installation debuts on MSU campus

Students in a multidisciplinary undergraduate class offered by the School of Architecture and the School of Film and Photography recently designed and built a camera obscura on campus Read more

two design student win internships

Two MSU design students win New York City internships

Two graphic design students recently interned at New York City-based Time Inc. magazines, positions they earned by placing in the Society of Publication Designers 2012 Student Design Contest. Read more

Towne's Harvest wash house

Towne's Harvest wash house displays fruits of collaboration

Architecture students designed and built a produce wash station at the popular Towne's Harvest Garden in a unique collaboration. Read more

David Fortin and Michael Spencer

MSU project to help spin straw into sustainable housing in Kenya

A recent graduate an MSU architecture professor hope to spin straw into a sustainable building material that will help solve a housing crisis a half world away. Read more

Collin Avery Google Photography finalist

MSU Film & Photography student finalist for Google Photography Prize

In a span of time that is about as long as the opening and closing of a camera shutter, MSU student Collin Avery has become one of the most visible photography students in the world. Read more

MSU Music professor and Violinist Angela Ahn performs in a TEDTalk

The three Ahn sisters (cellist Maria, pianist Lucia, violinist Angella) breathe new life into the piano trio with their passionate musicmaking.

Watch 12:35