Web Services

Digital Signage

As a partnership between University Communications and IT Center, digital signs are now available for purchase and implementation.  The digital signs align department communications with the university’s brand in a central tool that is managed and supported by the university. Learn more

Email Communications

University Communications and the Alumni Foundation (MSUAF) have partnered to improve the way that our offices and departments communicate to our audiences. This includes internal communications to targeted email lists as well as the more general lists that include all the faculty, staff, and students of MSU.  It also includes external communications to email lists that are generated through specific parameters given to the MSUAF such as geographic location, donation information, or specific interest areas.  Learn more

Mobile Development

Recognizing the importance of supporting university communications through mobile devices, Web and Digital Communications is developing a three-pronged mobile strategy.   This will provide a positive experience for all of our audiences regardless of how they are connecting to our online resources. Learn more

Social Media

The university’s audiences are constantly shifting, evolving, and fragmenting across many platforms and communication avenues. Unlike a website where the community comes to the university with a specific purpose, social media is more focused on conversations in the community. This means that the university needs to have a cohesive strategy and unified voice to connect and engage with its communities wherever they are. Learn more