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Ellucian GO

Learn more about the Ellucian GO Mobile App Ellucian GO for Montana State University.
Ellucian is the software vendor behind MSU's Banner (student information management) solution. Ellucian has developed a mobile framework that enables us to deliver your personal student information securely to you.

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Hear the spirited sounds of Montana State whenever you receive an inbound call. Special thanks to MSU Bobcat Athletics and the MSU Spirit of the West Marching Band for their sound/musical contributions.

DOWNLOAD these ringtones through iTunes (small fee)

IMPORTANT: These links will only work when clicked from an iPhone. IT WILL NOT WORK if the link is clicked on from a web browser on a computer since Ringtones can only be purchased from the iTunes App on an iPhone.

Bobcat Growl

MSU Fight Song - Stand Up and Cheer

DOWNLOAD these ringtones directly (free)

NOTE: If you have questions, please use Google to search for "How do I add a custom ringtone mp3 or wav to my ABC" or similar search where ABC is your phone model. For some hints at how to get the ringtone to your phone see step 6 here.

Bobcat Growl (3 seconds) MP3 WAV M4R (iPhone ringtone format)
MSU Fight Song - Stand Up and Cheer (29 seconds) MP3 WAV M4R (iPhone ringtone format)
Go Cats Go! (12 seconds) MP3 WAV M4R (iPhone ringtone format)

For iPhones: (This may not work for all versions of the iOS)

  1. Download the .m4r file from above
  2. Add the .m4r file to your iTunes
  3. Sync your phone
  4. Go to 'Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone'
  5. The new ringtone should be listed under 'Custom' at the top of the screen.

Full-length Audio


Bobcat Growler App for Android

Bobcat Growler in the Android Market

Download the Bobcat Growler Now!

Take the MSU Fight Song and the Bobcat Growl with you everywhere you go! The Bobcat Growler application will help Bobcat fans across the globe show off their Bobcat spirit and pride in the Cats that they love! Go Cats! Special thanks to MSU Bobcat Athletics, the MSU Spirit of the West Marching Band and MSU alumnus Jake Fleming for their sound/musical contributions.