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The Catalyst

The Day Everything Changed:

  • Hundreds of forms were attacked.
  • Tens of thousands of submissions were received.
  • Email accounts were flooded and shut down.
  • Business processes at the university were stopped.
MSU came under an immense spam attack.

The Solution

Becoming FormMail's Doppelganger:

  • FormMail is replaced without changes to forms that are already using it.
  • Functionality of FormMail is replicated using the FormMail directives.

No changes to a form as it passively replaces FormMail.


Delivering Spam Protection:

  • Better filtering is implemented, and with greater background knowledge, incoming attacks are throttled.
  • A simple way to add on honey pot protection is implemented (effectively stopping spam).
  • The max number of submission notifications is limited to one per hour (if all else fails).

Karatemail cleans and protects the data submitted.


Cleaned submissions are stored in a database.

Cleaned submissions stored in a database.


Enabling Access & Empowering the User:

  • Submissions are cleaned and stored.
  • Submissions are accessible by users not defined through the form.
  • Record keeping and better management are now possible.
  • Basic workflow tools available to manage submissions.
  • Easy export of submissions to Excel for greater versatility.

Submissions are now more accessible and usable.

What's Next?

Looking to the Future:

  • Extending Karatemail into a form builder and manager.
  • Build on the management tools for better organization and curating submissions.
  • Develop advanced workflow options to create more value in business processes.
  • Limited API to (securely) extend the utility of the submissions throughout our communications.
  • For use by the greater Web community, Karatemail will be open sourced in the near future.