Common Image Library

The Montana State University website contains a variety of images that you can link to within your own web pages. Although linking to the entire address is acceptable, using relative linking is preferred.

All images on this page are located in the subfolder
Also, please supply all images with an alt tag.

Explore our large icon collection

File: ada2.png
Size: 3 KB

<img alt="" src="/msucommon/imagesv2/ada2.png" height="12px" width="9px" />

File: closednav.png
Size: 2 KB

<img alt="" src="/msucommon/imagesv2/closednav.png" height="6px" width="12px" alt="" />

File: download.png
Size: 1 KB

<img alt="" src="/msucommon/imagesv2/download.png" height="10px" width="9px" />


File: facebook.png
Size: 8 KB

<img alt="Facebook" src="/msucommon/imagesv2/facebook.png" height="33px" width="106px" />


File: go.png
Size: 5 KB

<img alt="Go" src="/msucommon/imagesv2/go.png" height="16px" width="29px" />

For use as an additional separator in the navigation
File: goldrule.png
Size: 1 KB

<img alt="" src="/msucommon/imagesv2/goldrule.png" height="1px" width="100%" />

Mountains and Minds

File: mm.png
Size: 5 KB

<img alt="Mountains and Minds" src="/msucommon/imagesv2/mm.png" height="14px" width="164" />

File: moreinfo.png
Size: 1 KB

<img alt="" src="/msucommon/imagesv2/moreinfo.png" height="8px" width="6px" />

File: pdf17.gif
Size: 1 KB

<img alt="" src="/msucommon/imagesv2/pdf17.gif" height="17px" width="17px" />

File: pdf32.gif
Size: 1 KB

<img alt="" src="/msucommon/imagesv2/pdf32.gif" height="32px" width="32px" />

File: rssfeed.png
Size: 4 KB

<img alt="" src="/msucommon/imagesv2/rssfeed.png" height="19px" width="20px" />

File: trianglebullet.png
Size: 1 KB

<img alt="" src="/msucommon/imagesv2/trianglebullet.png" height="10px" width="10px" />

File: icon_blog.gif
Size: 3 KB

<img class="imagepic" alt="" src="/msucommon/imagesv2/icon_blog.gif" height="37px" width="37px" />

File: icon_fb.gif
Size: 2 KB

<img class="imagepic" alt="" src="/msucommon/imagesv2/icon_fb.gif" height="36px" width="35px" />

File: icon_twt.gif
Size: 2 KB

<img class="imagepic" alt="" src="/msucommon/imagesv2/icon_twt.gif" height="37px" width="36px" />