Connecting Web Site to Contribute CS5

This tutorial shows how to connect a website to Contribute CS5.

1. Website Connections

After opening Contribute CS5, select Website Connection from the opening window.

This can also be done by going to Edit > My Connections > Create

2. Create Connection

Skip this step unless you've received a connection key from another person.

Click Next

3. Choosing a Connection

For this, you will be connecting to a website.

Type in the web address of your website. It should start with http://

Click next


4. Website Connection Information

You can choose to connect your website via SFTP or Local/Network which is often a mapped drive on your computer. (See Step 6 for Local/Network connections)

Click Secure FTP (SFTP)

5. Website Connection Information

Type into the SFTP Server name box.

Type your username.
Type your password. If you do not know your password contact ITC help desk (994–1777) with your username to have your password reset.

Click next

Skip Step 6.


6. Website Connection Information

You can also use a local/network to connect to your website. Click Choose... to select your drive that contains your network website.

Click next


7. User Information

Type your full name and e-mail.

Your information is used to identify you when you check out web pages.


7. Role Information (Optional)

Some sites will use Roles to partition permissions to their websites. If there are roles, choose the one that best suits your needs. If you need assistance, contact the administrator listed in the purple box.