Linking Web Site to Dreamweaver CS5

This tutorial shows how to link a website to Dreamweaver CS5. For information regarding linking to CS3 see: Linking Web Site to Dreamweaver CS3

1. Site > New Site

After opening Dreamweaver CS5, select Site from the top menu bar.

From here select New Site from the drop down list.

2. Site

A new box will appear requiring site definitions. Notice the list on the left side of the box. From the list select Site.

3. Site Name and Local Site Folder

Enter Site name in the top text box followed by the local root folder. This folder will contain a copy of the website contained on the local machine. When updating the website, changes will be made to the local copy. When complete, the updated pages will then be moved to the server.


4. Servers

Once finished entering data, select the Servers tab from the left hand bar.


5. Plus Sign

In the server menu select the plus sign (+) from the lower left corner of the center box.


6. Server name, SFTP Address, Username, and Password

In the textboxes that appear enter the server info for the website. These values should be provided by the server administrator.

Once finished entering pertinent information select the Test button. If a screen appears confirming the information the site has been successfully linked to Dreamweaver. If not, information entered is invalid and should be checked or reentered


7. Linking Complete

Once linked the website should appear in the lower right of the Dreamweaver main window. It is now ready to be updated.