Creating a Navigation Bar Library Item

This Tutorial demonstrates how to create a Navigation Bar Library Item for use in the MSU Template. Information regarding implementing the templates can be found at Template Work. For information regarding the creation of Library Items see Creating a New Library Item.

1. Create a New Site From Template

Select File > New > Page From Template > "Template Name"

see Template Work for template information.

2. Select the NavBar Tag

Scroll Down to the light blue NavBar tag on the left hand side of the screen. Clicking on this tag will select all code within the NavBar section.

3. Create New Item

With the text selected select Assets from the lower right of the screen. Select Library and create a new Library Item.

For information regarding new library items see: Creating a New Library Item.

Double click on the new Library Item.


4. Modify The NavBar

In the Code Window is a copy of what was on the Template in Step 1. Returning to the original template will show that the original code is now surrounded by Library tags. Any information changed here will now be changable on any page containing this item.