Implementing a New Template

This tutorial demonstrates how to implement a template from the MSU website into the Templates folder of a website.

1. Go to Template Site

Open internet browser and enter the following adressin the url bar.


2. Select Template

Scroll down to the bottom right of the page and select one of the following:

No Widget: [dreamweaver]
No Navigation (wide): [dreamweaver]

The No Widget option applies a template similar to the picture to the right. It gives a left hand navigation bar along with the content. Alternatively the Right-Hand Column option provides a navigation bar on the left of the page as well as a right hand column for incidental information. Lastly, the No Navigation (wide) option has neither left nor right navigation. It is a simple webpage in the MSU template setting.

This tutorial will use the No Navigation (wide) template.

3. View Page Source

Right click anywhere on the page and select View Page Source.

4. Select All

Select all of the text. This can be done in two ways:

1. Press ctrl + A on the keyboard
2. Select Edit > Select All from the drop down menu.

5. Source Code Selected

When selected the text will be surrounded by a blue box and will have gone from black or colored to white.

6. Copy Selected Text

Copy the selected text:

1. Press ctrl + C on the keyboard.
2. Select Edit > Copy from the drop down menu.

7. Dreamweaver

After opening Dreamweaver, locate the Templates folder from the Local Files listing. The folder will be capitalized. If no folder exists create one.

8. New File

Right Click on the Templates folder and select New File from the top of the list that appears.

9. Name Template

Give the new template file a name. Be sure to include the .dwt extension if it is not automatically added.

10. Blank Page

A new page will appear at the top of the window containing no lines of text. Move the cursor into this box and paste the source code that was copied in Step 6.

1. Press ctrl + V on the keyboard.
2. Select Edit > Paste from the drop down menu.

11. Complete

The Template code should now be visible in the code window and should be ready for editing. Simply follow the directions on the Template to modify it for website use.