Apply a Template to a Page

1. Starting

Begin by opening a page that uses an older template format in Dreamweaver.

2. Modify

Select Modify from the top menu.

3. Templates

Scroll down to Templates.

4. Apply Template to Page

Selct Apply Template to Page. This will change the page from one template format to another.

5. Select the New Template

From the menu that appears, select the template pattern that will replace the current template. Click OK

6. Nowhere

Another box appears. For each of the conflicts select the Nowhere option and click OK,

Note: If using the Right Column Template, rightNavBar should be replaced by rightNavBar. See Implementing a New Template - Section 2 for more information.

7. Complete

The new template will have replaced the old one. All that remains is to go through the page and tweak elements into the new style.