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Jacob Dolan

Service and Support:

Web Advisory Committee Agenda

FY 2013 Membership; Updated April, 2013


Name Position Represents
Dolan, JacobChairUniversity Communications
Burk, SteveMemberAdmissions
Falcione, AmyMemberAlumni Foundation
Baker, LeviMemberAuxiliaries
Cousino, ChristyMemberExtended University
Van Voast, JayMemberExtension
Stillwell, CynthiaMemberFaculty
Hall, EllenMemberITC
Young, ScottMemberLibraries
Boyd, RitchieMemberProvost
Joyce, JenniferMemberResearch/Planning & Analysis
VacantMemberStudent Affairs
Kipfer, JulieEx officio (voting)University Communications
Goodall, KaitlynEx officio (non-voting)University Communications
Schoessler, JeanineEx officio (non-voting)University Communications


  1. Recommends policies and procedures for administering the MSU-Bozeman website to the Executive Director of University Communications;
  2. Reviews format and content standards for local Web pages and advises the Executive Director of University Communications about them;
  3. Advises ITC on Web-related products, applications, and services;
  4. provide a forum for sharing information among campus constituents about Web-related technologies, policies, and developments;
  5. alert the Executive Director of University Communications to Web-related issues with potential impacts on campus.


First Monday of the month at 3:00-5:00 p.m. in BTC 128F


Voting Members: One faculty representative, one student representative, one representative each from Extension, Libraries, Student Affairs, Provost, Research, Extended University, Alumni Association/Foundation, Admissions and Auxiliaries.

Voting Ex Officio Members: Director of Marketing, University Communications.

Non-voting Ex Officio: ITC representatives; Web Support Programmer, Web Communications

Length of Term

Two years, renewable

Appointed By

Members are appointed by the Director of Web Communications.


Jacob Dolan
Director of MSU Web Communications, University Communications

Advisory To:

Executive Director of University Communications