The Center for Western Lands and Peoples invites you to our “Festival of the West,” a celebration of research that will take place during the afternoon of Thursday, April 20th in the Procrastinator Theater. MSU faculty will present 15-minute talks on their current work about the American West to an interdisciplinary audience of faculty, students, and community members. Graduate students will also have an opportunity to showcase their research in the form of a poster session scheduled for that afternoon.

The event will take place from 1-4 p.m. with a short break at the halfway point. There will be a reception in Leigh Lounge afterward. 

Featured Speakers

Mark Fiege, History & Philosophy

Walter Fleming, Native American Studies

Andrew Hansen, Ecology

Linda Karell, English

Hannah McKelvey & Jan Zauha, Library

Gretchen Minton, English

Andrew Nelson, Film and Photography

Cindy Stillwell, Film and Photography

Bill Wyckoff, Earth Sciences

Featured Graduate Students

Jeff Bartos – Ph.D., History

Nancy Mahoney – Ph.D., American Studies

Kelsey Matson – Ph.D., History

Linnea Sando – Ph.D., Earth Sciences, Geography

Micaela Young – Ph.D., American Studies

Laurel Angell – Ph.D., History

Kristin Smith – Ph.D., Earth Sciences

Dionne Zoanni – M.S., Earth Sciences

Nicolas Bergmann – Ph.D., Earth Sciences, Geography

Anthony Wood - M.A., History

Will Wright – Ph.D., History