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Women's Focus Group

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HR|Affirmative Action
Montana State University
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Bozeman, MT 59717-2430

Tel: (406) 994-2042
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Campus Resources

Campus Wide Resources

  • Office of Affirmative Action
    • Promoting an inclusive, diverse and supportive environment for external members of the campus community and our employees and students to excel regardless of their race, color, national origin (ancestry), sex, sexual preference/orientation, marital or parental status, age, creed, religion or political beliefs, mental or physical disability, or status as a veteran.
    • Contact: (406) 994-2042 or
    • Location: 118 Hamilton Hall
  • Child Development Center
    • Offers a year round early education program for young children, ages 3 through 5 years.
    • Contact: Christine Lux or (406) 994-5005
    • Location: 105 Herrick Hall
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
    • Contact: (406) 994-4531
    • Location: 211 Swingle
  • Diversity Awareness Office
    • Mission: To bring together members of the Montana State University community and the community at large by increasing understanding and providing support for those who identify with the wide spectrum of diversity issues including race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, gender, and ability.
    • Contact: Phenocia Bauerle or (406) 994-5801
    • Location: 284 Strand Union
  • Native American Studies Program
    • Provide and advance quality education for and about American Indians of Montana, the region, and the nation. In fulfilling this mission, the Department of Native American Studies is committed to meet the changing needs of Montana's Indian tribes and all Montana citizens through excellence in teaching, research, and service.
    • Contact: or (406) 994-3881
    • Location: 2-179 Wilson Hall
  • Queer-Straight Alliance
    • Promoting support and a safe place for MSU’s GLBT students, staff and faculty and allies.
    • Contact: Laura Moran, President
  • University Parent Advocate
    • Your first stop to receive information regarding who to contact with questions about campus policies on: Maternity, Child-birth, Adoption, Breastfeeding, Childcare, and the University Family Care Room.
    • Contact: Bethany Letiecq or (406) 994-7396
  • VOICE Center
    • Mission: Committed to the belief that all people have the right to live free from violence and the fear of violence.
    • Contact: (406) 994-7142 or 994-5682 or Advocate Line: (406) 994-7069
    • Location: 370 Strand Union
  • Women's Center
    • Mission: Promote greater responsiveness to the needs of university women.
    • Contact: Betsy Danforth or (406) 994-3836
    • Location: 375 Strand Union
  • Women's and Gender Studies Program
    • The program encourages students to engage actively in the innovative and challenging work of interdisciplinary research by applying the critical and theoretical approaches of Women’s and Gender Studies to their major.
    • Contact: Patricia Catoira or (406) 994-4447
    • Location: 327 Reid Hall

Faculty & Staff Resources

  • Associate Faculty of Montana State University
    • The union representatives that support tenure-track and adjunct faculty at Montana State University on matters of salaries, benefits, terms and conditions of employment.
    • Contact:
  • Faculty Senate
    • The chief governance body of the faculty at Montana State University-Bozeman.
    • Contact: Gale Gough or (406) 994-4341
    • Location: 106 Montana Hall
  • Professional Council
    • Provides a means for professional employees and administration to interact and to discuss, formulate, and recommend University policy to the appropriate University authority.
    • Contact: Nancy Filbin or (406) 994-2824 or
  • Staff Senate
    • Mission: To promote collaborative efforts by classified staff with others on campus in mutual efforts to effectively and efficiently carry out the land-grant mission at Montana State University, Bozeman
    • Contact: Joan Ford or (406) 994-6895
    • Location: 106 Montana Hall
  • Women's Faculty Caucus
    • An advisory group that was first organized in 2006 to address the concerns of women faculty as well as gender-specific issues across campus and beyond
    • Contact: Sara Rushing or (406) 994-5165

Student Resources

  • American Indian Student Support Services
    • AISSS is committed to the retention and academic/personal success of American Indian/Alaskan Native students at Montana State University.
    • Contact: James Burns or (406) 994-4880 or Rita Sand or (406) 994-3334
    • Location: 1 Wilson Hall
  • American Indian Women for Leadership in the Academy
    • To enlist Indian Women intellectuals for support in greater representation in Academia.
    • Contact: Betsy Danforth or (406) 994-3836 or
  • Division of Student Success
    • Enhance the learning environment of the University; support students in the attainment of their educational objectives; foster in students a sense of responsibility, self-directedness, community, and a positive identity with Montana State University.
    • Contact: or (406) 994-2828
    • Location: 174 Student Union
  • Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)
    • Dedicated to supporting women faculty, staff and students working in mathematics, natural and social sciences, and engineering.
    • Contact: Adele Pittendrigh or (406) 994-4288