Refugees, Immigration, and President Trump's Travel Ban: A Brown Bag Lunch Conversation with Fayezeh Haji Hassan and Fatima Heravy

Friday, April 21st, 12:15 - 1:30pm.  127 Barnard Hall (formerly EPS).

As part of the Magnanimous Stories Tour Co-Sponsored by The University of Montana, Carroll College, and the Bozeman Public Library, we invite you to set aside time for magnanimous stories that will shape your life. Hear the story of a refugee living under the Taliban rule. The story of human rights; conflict and suffering; redemption and courage; friendship and faith. Fayezeh and Fatima will graciously share their powerful story with Montana, bringing a deeper perspective on Human Rights.  Interested parties who are unable to attend this event may also attend a similar public talk at the 3pm the same day at the Bozeman Public Library.

Karen deVries

Karen deVries wins the 2017 Betty Coffey Award

deVries has made significant accomplishments in incorporating women’s and sexuality studies perspectives into both existing and new courses, advising, mentoring, and programing at MSU. In the last three years, she has taught the majority of the foundational courses for the women’s, gender and sexuality studies minor. She has worked tirelessly to eliminate persistent barriers to female and LGBTQ faculty and students at MSU and within academia more generally and has worked hard to bring diverse speakers, including Angela Davis, to the MSU campus. Additionally, she has made important contributions to University Studies, the Department of Political Science, and the MSU Honors College. Learn more

Bridget Kevane

Bridget Kevane wins the 2016 Betty Coffey Award

Kevane is recognized for developing new courses for the university in women’s gender and sexuality studies, for incorporating Latina writers and activists into Latino Studies and for her work to support a more equitable parental leave policy across campus. Kevane’s research focuses on Latino/Latina studies, specifically the literature, culture and history of Latino communities in the United States. A prolific writer, she has published four books, including her most recent, “The Dynamics of Jewish Latino Relationships: Hope and Caution.” She has also published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and articles in the popular press. Kevane also was recently named associate dean for faculty affairs in the College of Letters and Science. Learn more

Betsy Danforth

Betsy Danforth wins the 2015 Betty Coffey Award

In her 23 years with the MSU Women’s Center, Danforth’s work and commitment to social justice has transformed the university and community. Danforth helped create the VOICE Center, and she has been instrumental in revitalizing or reorganizing several student groups including Students Against Sexual Assault, Q-MSU and Students for Reproductive Choice. She is a founding member of the President’s Commission on the Status of University Women and has served on the Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies Committee since its inception. She was a member of the Gender Pay and Equity Task Force that brought activist Lilly Ledbetter to the MSU campus last year, which led to Gov. Bullock selecting MSU as the site for his Equal Pay for Equal Work Summit. Learn more

Kristen Intemann

Kristen Intemann wins the 2014 Betty Coffey Award

Intemann, an associate professor of philosophy and co-chair of the Women’s and Gender Studies Committee, is recognized for successfully integrating scholarship and engagement at MSU and in the larger philosophy community. Her scholarship, teaching and service activities are all directed toward incorporating feminist theory and women’s perspectives into the curriculum, as well as eliminating persistent barriers to women on the MSU campus and within academia in general. She is committed to developing new courses that use feminist theory and focus on gender, race and class. Learn more