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Chief Information Officer

Jerry Sheehan

Below are solutions to some of the most common issues users have connecting to "MSU-Secure".
To connect to MSU-Secure please see the MSU-Secure configuration instructions for your operating system.

Why can't I log in to MSU-Secure? I know I've entered my credentials correctly, but I keep getting prompted to enter them again.

  • Your password may need to be reset if this is the first time you have ever tried to log in to a campus resource with your NetID credentials. Go to My Profile to reset.
  • Your NetID password may have expired if you haven't changed it in the last six months. Go to My Profile to reset.

New MSU Students: Connecting to MSU-Secure requires having a NetID and password, which you will not be able to obtain until you have registered for classes. Until then you will have to connect to MSU wireless network.

Why can't I connect in some buildings or areas within buildings?

  1. Check that the building has wireless access points by visiting the MSU Wireless Map.
  2. Look at the signal strength and if possible try moving to another area to see if the signal/coverage is better. There are a number of things that can interfere or block wireless signals such as:
    • Cordless phones, microwave ovens, motors/compressors, outdoor microwave links, wireless video cameras and game controllers, bluetooth, Zigbee, and WiMAX devices, fluorescent lights, and even bad electrical connections
    • Concrete (especially new and rebar reinforced)
    • Cabling, conduits, and plumbing
    • Metal (large objects or mesh)
    • Water

I'm still having troubles connecting, what can I do?

For the technically adventurous: Try disabling IPv6 on your network adapter. On Windows Vista and 7, disable LLDP on the adapter as well. Verify that the drivers for your wireless card are up to date. Try doing a winsock reset on Windows.

For those pulling out their hair: Please contact the IT Services Help Desk at 994-1777.