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MSU Wireless Network Access

MSU is in the process of upgrading the campus wireless network.
Visit MSU Wi-Fi Buildout for current project status and information.

Get Connected

MSU has 2 different networks available for students faculty and staff, MSU and MSU-Secure.

MSUis an open, unencrypted network and does not require a username or password. If you need access to campus resources like files on your Z drive or printing, use MSU-Secure.

MSU-Secure provides a secure encrypted connection to the Internet and must be used to access campus resources such as printing and files on your Z drive. Use your MSU Windows Domain username and password to log in.

Guest AccessCampus visitors can use the MSU-Guest network to access the internet. It does not require an MSU Windows Domain username/password and is an open unencrypted network.

"MSU-Secure" Configuration Instructions


For assistance please contact the Help Desk: | 994-1777.