In the Fall of 2008 a Skystream 3.7 Wind Turbine was installed on MSU's campus in a joint effort between the Montana Wind Applications Center and Western Community Energy (the Montana State Wind for Schools Facilitator.) Students from two MSU senior-level courses also helped out: MET480 Alternative Energy Applications, and ME404/MET456 Capstone Design. Both classes are offered through the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department.

The turbine is located on campus's southeast corner, two blocks from the main Engineering Campus, at the south end of South 5th Street. The Wind Applications Center office is located in the building just south west of the turbine, at #22 Faculty Court. (Below. Turbine installation, October 2008)

MSU turbine being erected in October 2008

The SkyStream 3.7, manufactured by Southwest Windpower, has an internal communications package capable of measuring and tracking many parameters of its operation. These include power produced per day, reduced CO2 emissions, rotor speed, and power produced.The SKYVIEW software package is used to interface with the turbine via a LAN system. (screen shot below.)

Screenshot from Skyview 6/12/09

Screen Shot from Skyview 6/12/09

A weather station was installed on the tower to supplement turbine data with live weather condition information. Data from both systems - plus a web-cam image of the turbine - are available on the MSU LIVE TURBINE MONITOR page.

If you are experiencing problems with your Skystream 3.7 or the communications system please check out South West Wind Powers Troubleshooting or contact the WAC.