Advisory Council Members

Mark Rosolowsky, Chair

Kathryn Earley
Kerry Hanson
CD Happel
Bob Hawks
Marilyn Jarvis
Sally Maison
Kim Obbink
Chris O’Connor
Cody Stone
John Elwell
Doug Young
Richard Young

Committees and Chairpersons

Curriculum-Courses (Kathryn Earley & Sally Maison)

Side Trips (James Tuchscherer & John Elwell)

Friday Forum (CD Happel)

Alumni Foundation Partnerships:

Prelude & Performances (Lori Rosolowsky)

Travel Series (Linda Clark)

How It’s Made (Mark Tosolowsky)

Book Discussion Groups (Peg & Kathryn Earley)

Friends of Wonderlust

Gerry Wheeler

The Friends of Wonderlust support our offerings through fundraising.