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Welcome to the MSU Writing Center!

As the new Writing Center Director, I am thrilled to be a part of a vibrant and engaged community with such a clear focus on student success. I come to the Writing Center from Houston, Texas, where I served as Assistant Director of Writing in the Disciplines for eight years. In that position, I collaborated with teachers and administrators to develop writing curriculum for their classes and to provide administrative support for their Writing Center partnerships. Through those partnerships, I came to believe that a Writing Center not only provides a space for students to become active participants in their thinking and writing, but that it can do the same for those of us teaching writing. Writing Centers have the potential to be spaces where all of us involved in writing and the teaching of writing – students, tutors, those teaching writing, administrators – meet to talk about writing. Through our engaged conversations, the work of writing and teaching writing is made visible, allowing us to understand more deeply how our students write and how we can best engage them. My hope is that the MSU Writing Center can become the “hub” for writing – a creative space for collaboration.

To build that creative space, we know we need your input. We want to hear how we can best collaborate with you and your students. Our Writing Center staff can talk with you about integrating writing into your course, creating writing assignments for your specific purposes, and partnering with the Writing Center using varying models of support in writing instruction. In addition, we are always available for one-on-one sessions with your students. Please let them know that they can make an appointment any time at, or by coming by Wilson 1-114. They will work with a trained Writing Center tutor who engages each writer in the process of writing. We welcome writers of all abilities and backgrounds at any stage of the writing process, from pre-writing to final drafting.

If you are interested in talking about how you might partner with the Writing Center, please contact me at, or call us at 994-5315. I look forward to building relationships – finding those spaces for collaboration and active engagement for us all!

Writing happens here. Let‘s make it happen!


Michelle Miley
Director, MSU Writing Center and Assistant Professor of English

Updated: 09/01/2014