2014-15 Writing Center Tutors


Brianna Bos Brianna
My name is Brianna, call me Brie. I am a sophomore in Industrial Engineering with a writing minor. I moved all over the country as a kid since my dad was in the Navy, but Bozeman has always been home; I live on a hobby farm with my parents and two sisters. My passions are gymnastics, soccer, skiing, hiking, camping, photography, anything involving my animals, and being a Montanan.
Jack Bouchard Jack
I grew up in Brentwood, New Hampshire, though I’ve lived in a dozen other places before coming to Bozeman. I transferred to MSU from Fresno City College in California with the intent of majoring in Economics before I declared a major in Writing. I enjoy snowboarding, the outdoors, and am a member of the Bozeman Boxing Club here at MSU.
I‘m a junior studying English writing and business. Originally from Pittsburgh, I relocated to Montana after working two summers in Yellowstone. I enjoy writing – particularly creative nonfiction – reading, backpacking, skiing, and binge-watching Netflix with my cat. I‘m an outdoorsy homebody, if such a type exists.
I'm a junior in English Education and this is my second semester working here at the Writing Center. I spend my free time backpacking with my boyfriend and traveling – both in the literal sense and through the pages of my latest book.
I am a sophomore from Massachusetts studying English Education. When I'm not tutoring at the Writing Center, I enjoy singing, playing guitar, reading John Irving novels, and immersing myself in the great outdoors. I hope to one day teach high school English and spend my summers traveling.
Amy Fiel Amy
I grew up in a small town in Western Montana and left home at 16 to travel. I returned to MSU in the fall of 2013 to study Family & Consumer Science. After graduation, I plan to purse a Master’s degree in Social Work while conducting research into the effects of trauma on brain development. My passions include skiing, hiking, fly fishing, hunting, and of course reading and writing!
I have a BA in History and a MA in Eng. Literature. I study religion and history in preparation for travel to emerging countries. Upcoming trips include Morocco and India!
Fred is the ESL tutor at the Writing Center. He has taught for A.C.E. Language Institute-MSU, online, and at the high school level. With his wife Daphne, he also writes mystery novels, the first of which is planned for publication soon.
I’m a graduate student in the English department. I have a BA in English from the University of Utah and a BS in Education from Utah State University. While I have no particular aversion to the outdoors, I prefer to fill my free time indoors with music, humor, and exceptional food.
I am a sophomore nursing student who loves travel, singing, science, and hiking. I can be a little crazy and silly, but I LOVE talking about and working through writing with students. Known for my ever-present smile and surprisingly loud voice, I would be more than happy to meet with you and work together through whatever is tangling you up in your writing process!
I’m double-majoring in English Writing and Photography, and this will be my third year at both MSU and the Writing Center. After spending last semester studying in Nova Scotia during a winter so ferocious I thought the landscape indistinguishable from the South Pole, I spent a truly breathtaking spring roadtripping though both Canada and the US to return to Bozeman for the fall. I’m excited to be back!
Born and raised in cold, but beautiful Anchorage, Alaska, I'm now a senior in the English Literature program here at MSU. I'm hoping, in particular, to write novels and become a book editor, but while those are specific goals, any future including books would be brilliant.
I’m currently in my first year as a GTA in the English Department. I received my BA in English at The University of San Diego. I was born and raised in Encinitas, CA, so Bozeman is the start to a whole new chapter! Outside of school, I enjoy running, hiking, fishing, playing music, and spending time with my dog, Emmylou.
I was born and raised in Missoula, but am thrilled with my choice to become a bobcat. I’m a senior this year, finishing up a degree in Rangeland Ecology and Management, which will hopefully lead to a career that allows me to work in the beautiful outdoors. This is my first semester at the Writing Center, and I’m really looking forward to this new opportunity!
Hi, I‘m Sadie, a saxophone-playing, art-experimenting, long distance-running, English-majoring, chocolate-eating, theater-going, overseas-traveling sophomore at MSU. This is my first semester at the Writing Center, and I look forward to seeing you all there!
I’m from Bellingham, Washington, and was born in Portland, Oregon. I like to write poetry, fiction, and non-fiction in my free time. I’m a GTA in English and looking forward to that. I like the rain, and colorful sunsets. My research interests are the phenomenological existence of the banana and post-post modern literature and critical theory.
Kristi Russet Kristie
I’m a Studio Arts major and English Writing Minor in my third year here at MSU. I enjoy reading and writing poetry, making jewelry, going to the gym, cuddling kittens, and napping when I get the chance. My future plans include writing a zillion poems and making all kinds of art. This is my first semester at the Writing Center and I’m excited to get involved with MSU’s community of writers!
This is my first year as a graduate student and a teaching assistant in the English department. Until now, I spent the entirety of my existence in Colorado Springs, Colorado. When I am not writing bios of myself, I love to read and write. I also like to watch — and quote — The Simpsons and play bass and guitar (poorly).
My early years were spent raised by feral cats on the windswept Steppe. After that I eventually moved to Havre, Montana, where I went to High School, and Bozeman, Montana, where I did to my undergraduate work. Now I’m back, and better than ever, as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. I teach WRIT 101, and am totally unsure what to do for my Masters, but it will probably contain the word “Steppe”.
Isaac Stafstrom Isaac
I recently transferred to MSU to pursue a double major in Livestock Management and Range Ecology. Before moving to Bozeman, I worked on a ranch near Cascade, and studied at and worked for Deep Springs College in the California high desert. I’m often found singing, playing banjo, running, dancing badly, spending time outside with my dog, tossing a disc, or listening to Taylor Swift.
Hello! I'm Annie, I'm from Polson, Montana and am in the Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems Program with a non-teaching minor in Writing. I enjoy long walks, runs or hikes anywhere I can be barefoot. If I'm not playing soccer, swimming, or reading and napping in the grass you'll find me volunteering in the VOICE Center on campus or in the Diversity Awareness office. I love to travel, and practice Portuguese when I can, and now I look forward to joining the Writing Center!
I am in my third year of college, majoring in both English Writing and Photography. Outside of school, I enjoy hiking, jet skiing, reading and baking all sorts of things while drinking massive amounts of coffee. After college, I plan on writing some things and taking photos of things.


Kaity Ireland Kaity
I'm a front desk receptionist here at the Writing Center. I'm majoring in elementary education with a reading option. I'm from Denver, CO and my favorite thing to do is spend time with my triplet siblings.