Lauren   Zane

Lauren (L.A.)

I am majoring in English writing, minoring in Economics, and pursuing an Honors degree. I love picture books, my Chacos, the smell of rain, sneaking chocolate out of my dad’s sock drawer when I go home, dancing and screeching, deliberate word choice, and journaling. I don’t love mushrooms, forgetting my wallet, or running into things all the time because I’m uncoordinated. I’d like to learn more about other people, writing, and other majors. If you are knowledgeable about any one of these subjects, please, come and we’ll learn together! 


Zane (Z.A.)

I’m from Upstate New York (no, not the city!). I am a senior here at MSU studying Geospatial and Environmental Science with a minor in English Writing. I love spending my free time outside skiing, hiking, and camping. Aside from that, I love yoga, coffee, snow, organizing things, Settlers of Catan, the smell of a campfire, and cuddling with my super handsome cat Tevye. One of my absolute favorite things to do is wake up with the birds and watch the sunrise.




   Destiny Brugman

 Tyler (T.B.)

I am an English Writing major. Though I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, I am a Bozeman native, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I enjoy hiking in the rain, snowboarding in the snow, daydreaming, and hanging out with my family. I am passionate about video games, and I hope to one day be a novelist.


Destiny (D.B.)

I’m Destiny, and I am a senior majoring in English Writing and minoring in Psychology. I’m originally from Bozeman and moved around throughout my schooling to end up back in Bozeman at MSU. I am a boxing instructor here on campus. I’m a VOICE Center Advocate. I love writing, both creatively and academically. I love pushing genre boundaries and writing to benefit myself. I’m going to spend this year applying to graduate schools. 






Kaden (K.C.)

I’m Kaden, an emigre from mountain-swaddled Alaska who sought a college campus equally blessed by tectonics. I’m a junior, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Writing, who wants to be able to solve problems, whether that be by building a machine or writing an essay. When not in class, I love slack-lining, skiing, dancing with flammable objects, and being completely and utterly non-functional until I’ve finished the latest book I’m devouring.


Grant (G.D.)

Heyoo, I’m Grant! Hailing from the beautiful Bozangeles, MT I didn’t have to travel far (okay I didn’t have to travel at all) to get to college. You can almost always find me in Cheever Hall doing architecture stuff as I am a second-year student in the Environmental Design program… however, if I manage to escape Cheever I’m outside enjoying our beautiful surroundings, be it climbing, skiing, hiking or any other stereotypical Bozemanesque activity. I’m big on 90’s hip-hop, obscure RnB samples, and old European sports cars so sexy you’ve just gotta say DAYUM!



james    ERYN 


James (J.D.)

Greetings! My name is James Dufficy. Born in the Colorado, I decided I wasn’t quite ready to leave Mountain Time, so I hopped on up to Bozeman to get my fill. My college aspirations include biking, backpacking, climbing and skiing in our wonderful mountains, catching a few fish, playing a little music and taking a few pictures. Oh yeah! I guess I’m a fourth year student pursing a major in Organismal Biology and a minor in Writing as well. :)



Eryn (E.D.)

Hi! I’m Eryn, and I’m a senior majoring in Writing and minoring in Literature. I attended two years of college in Idaho before transferring to MSU, and I’m happy to be back in my home state! On campus, I’m a member of the MSU Symphony and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I enjoy drawing, four-wheeling, reading fairytales, and spending time with animals. Also, I dream of living inside Powell’s City of Books.



Luke E. (L.E.)

I’m originally from Denver but left for Montana State three years ago. I’m a senior and working on an English writing major. I live for being outside and my main passions include: trail running, climbing, skiing, and botany. I am also the proud owner of a flip phone which I enjoy taking selfies with.


Adrienne (A.G.)

Adrienne majors in Fish and Wildlife Ecology and Management with a minor in Spanish, but she dallies in Writing Center research projects. This is her final year as an undergraduate at MSU, and her fourth semester working at the Writing Center. She is ever in search of her favorite candle scent and free refills of coffee.






Juliana (J.G.)

Hi! My name is Juliana and I am a sophomore. I spent my first year of school at Barnard College in New York City before deciding to come back to the beautiful mountains of Bozeman where I can ski, hike, mountain bike and enjoy nature. I am currently undeclared in my major but am leaning towards English Lit. I love to write and I am excited to work with you!


Graeme (G.G.)

I'm from the Bay in San Francisco and am majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Outside of academia, I recently became a licensed EMT and spend every off hour I have in the mountains. My true passion lies in snowboard mountaineering and in the summers, climbing. I am more of a reader then I writer but I've been known to exchange a letters here and there. If you are in need of a pen pal or a second set of eyes, you know where to find me!

 julia   Ellise

Julia (J.M.)

I’m Julia, lover of hammock naps, musicals, and dirt. This is my first semester at the Writing Center and I am psyched to be here. I feel completely spoiled to live in Bozeman where I can take advantage of skiing and endless breakfast options. When I’m not on campus, I’m at the YMCA (feel free to do the dance), where I’ve become an expert in acting like dinosaurs and talking about feelings with toddlers.



Ellise (E.M.)

Hello! I’m Ellise and I’m going to be graduating this May with a degree in English Literature and a minor in French. When it comes to writing, I view the blank page as a place to explore, and the prompt as only a loose guideline. If you’re working with me, you can expect to be pushed to try a new approach or spin the assignment in some new way.


 paola   maddie 
 Paola (P.P.)

Ciao! My name is Paola, I come from sweltering Italy, and yes, everybody always misspells my name. Makes ordering coffee feel like an adventure. I’m a senior in English Literature and Mathematics, although I spend my time inventing new figures of speech. I believe Stephen King once used the phrase “darker than a carload of assholes,” a sentence that combines both my love for creating common sayings and my immature sense of humor.

   Maddie (M.S.)

Hi all! My name is Maddie and I am a sophomore who’s double majoring in Political Science and Asian Studies. This is my first semester at the Writing Center and I can’t wait to start tutoring. I enjoy yoga, backpacking, baking (mostly chocolate chip cookies), and undertaking new endeavors.





Bay (B.S.)

I’m from Colorado and like listening, whether it be to forests, snowy mountains, or people. It’s senior year for me and it’s been a joy studying English-Writing and a minor in Finance. Hoping to freelance in magazine journalism after school, I’ve recently taken up photography: it’s a blast, but I have a lot to learn! Come on in and we can share some writing, thoughts and good company.

   Demi (D.S.)

Hi! I'm Demi Sullivan. I have lived in Bozeman for 6 years now and I spend my summers rowing rafts on the Middle Fork of the Flathead in Glacier National Park. I am an English Writing major... I love to talk about writing. The actual process of writing still challenges me but I find it a good kind of challenging. I've been with the writing center for three semesters and I really really enjoy working where I get free coffee, free chocolate, and awesome friends.

 Hannah    tayler

Hannah (H.T.) 

Hi, I’m Hannah! I recently returned from a semester abroad in Finland. In my time away from the Writing Center, I traveled halfway across the world to an intercultural city perched along the edge of the Baltic Sea, immersed myself in the Finnish educational system, participated in alternative methods of democracy, and learned how to ignite and sustain a nonviolent revolution. Throughout these experiences, I’ve been struck by the realization that our Writing Center is a truly incredible space. 



Tayler (T.V.)

 Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, I have been living Bozeman since the summer of 2012. My name is Tayler Veltkamp, I am an Organismal Biology Major and am pursuing a Minor in Writing. In my free time I enjoy coloring, eating the food my boyfriend cooks for me, and binge watching all the best cult television shows. We can talk about them if you want. I’ll be really into it





Graduate Tutors

elaina   jake

Elaina (E.J.)

I’m Elaina Juedeman and I’m a Graduate Teaching Assistant in MSU’s English Department. In addition to teaching Writing 101, my academic research focuses on high school writing centers and how they function as creative spaces that foster development in secondary education students. When I’m not teaching or working on my thesis, I enjoy cooking and recreating in the Bozeman area. Thanks for checking out my bio. I look forward to chatting about writing with you!


Jake (J.S.)

My name is Jake and I am a non-degree seeking Graduate Student avoiding adulthood here at Bridger Bowl Montana State University. I suppose it’s a good excuse to stick around Bozeman for a while longer. I graduated from MSU last May with a degree in history. Specifically, my interests lie with the fields of environmental and gender history. This is my first year working at the writing center and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and swapping stories and good conversations. I guess we can work on some writing too.

ESL and Graduate Student Specialist



Erin Strickland    

Erin (E.S.)

 My career has been a blend of writing and teaching. I started as a journalist and found my way into education after working as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Georgia. I have a master's degree from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies and have been teaching graduate and undergraduate non-native speakers of English for six years. I love dessert (hint, hint) and I practice yoga regularly. So, remember: the important thing is just to breathe (and eat chocolate).