Undergraduate Peer Tutors

Abby B.

Abby (A.B.)

Class Partnerships: ANSC 322, ECHM 443, WRIT 201

Hi, I'm Abby! I'm originally from South Dakota, but moved here to ski, hike, camp, and spend as much time as possible in the mountains. Much to my bank account's chagrin, I love to travel, especially internationally. Here at MSU I am a second-year American Studies student and I'm working on a minor in Hispanic Studies as well. I love hearing about what other people are working on and I'm looking forward to meeting you!


Anna C.

Anna (A.C.)

Class Partnerships: BIOH 440

Hello, my name is Anna (pronounced Ah-nuh).  I am a senior this year studing English writing, and women, gender, and sexuality studies. I prefer tea over coffee. I play tennis in my free time; Serena Williams is a goddess. Working at the Writing Center has expanded my views on writing. I believe that the socialization of writing can build community. One of my favorite parts of this job is to meet new people and to learn from each of you along the way. 


Arden G.

Arden (A.G.)

Class Partnerships: EENV 387, ECHM 443

Hello, I'm Arden, a junior majoring in Math and minoring in Writing. I grew up in the eclectic city of Nashville, Tennessee. A few years ago, I traded the heat and humidity of the South for the cold, snowy mountains of Montana—a decision I have yet to regret. Ultimately, great writing is what brought me to the West to study Ecology. I hope that reading and writing will continue to play such an integral role in helping me find what I'm passionate about. 


Amelia P.

Amelia (A.P.)

Class Partnerships: ANSC 322, EENV 387

Hello! My name is Amelia and this is my first semester as a writing tutor. I am a Nevada desert rat majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in writing. In 2018, I spent five months hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. During those months I lived in the mountains, slept under my tarp only when the weather forced me to, and got chased by a skunk in the dark. I am excited to meet you!


Aleesha R.

Aleesha (A.R.)

Class Partnerships: ANSC 332, STAT 412/512

Hi there! I’m from Hamilton, MT, a cute nook tucked in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley, which has lots of good fishing, hiking, and camping (which coincidentally are some of my favorite activities). I'm a Secondary English Education and Psychology double major, hoping to become a high school teacher some day. The part of my field of study that I admire the most is that reading and writing give you an opportunity to explore different worlds, different cultures, and different ideas. And I would love to hear about yours here at the Writing Center!


Arnold S.

Arnold (A.S.)

Class Partnerships: ANSC 322, BIOH 440, ECHM 443

Hello! My name is Arnold, and I'm a junior studying Computer Science. This is my second semseter here, and I'm super excited to learn some interesting facts through my tutoring sessions! My favorite concept that I've learned is that tantra is an entire theistic system that I've hardly heard anything about. I hope I get to see you in my future tutoring sessions!


Darian D.

Darian (D.D.)

Class Partnerships: BIOH 440, STAT 412/512

Hello, I'm Darian D'Antuono and I am currently a sophomore here at Montana State, pursuing a degree in Secondary Education-- English and History. I am originally from Great Falls, Montana and this will be my first semester as a  Writing Center tutor. When I am not in class or at work, I am a member of the MSU Spirit Squad and thoroughly enjoy being a student athlete. You can find me at every football, volleyball, and basketball game! I cannot wait to work with you all! Go Cats! :)


Enrique M.

Enrique (E.M.)

Class Partnerships: ANSC 322, ECHM 443, WRIT 201

Hi! My name is Enrique and I am a Freshman here at MSU. I was born and raised in Rapid City, South Dakota and ventured out here to major in Electrical Engineering and enjoy the outdoors. I have a strong passion for writing, and joined the Writing Center in order to share that passion with others and assist those who need help with their own writing. I am excited to work with all of you!


Henry F.

Henry (H.F.)

Class Partnerships: ANSC 322, ECHM 443,
STAT 412/512, WRIT 494

Hello! My name is Henry and I am a Math Major in my senior year. Although my major doesn't involve conventional writing, I've taken planty of writing classes including seminars and creative writing courses. Outside of coursework, I've been through significant application processes and I have even presented my own research to groups of fifth graders. If you want help with application packets, presenting your work to expert and non-expert audiences, or pretty much anything else, I would be happy to help. 


Hannah M.

Hannah (H.M.)

Class Partnerships: ANSC 322, WRIT 201

I was raised by the dank darkness of Alaskan rainforests. Wilderness of place and spirit have always been my teachers, facilitating many cruel lessons of survival that have translated to an inclusive understanding of shame, pain, and trauma. I credit these experiences for developing me, raw and compassionate. I carry these influences with me everywhere I go, including into the Writing Center.  


Honey C.

Honey (H.R.C.)

Class Partnerships: ANSC 322, EENV 387,
ECHM 443,
WRIT 494

Hi, I'm Honey! I'm a junior studying Criminology with a minor in Business Administration. This will be my second year at the Writing Center, and I'm so excited to meet you. In our appointments, I'll do my very best to listen to your experience and help you make your writing, process, and/or product meaningful to you. So, come write with me for good company, coffee and maybe some conversation about my dog, Grace!


Jessie F.

Jessie (J.F.)

Class Partnerships: EENV 387, WRIT 201

I'm Jessie and I'm a post-bac Secondary Education major. I got my first undergraduate degree at CU-Boulder, then moved to Bozeman after a weekend visit that began with a full moon midnight skin up Bear Canyon straight from the airport. Working at the Writing Center is one of the many incredible opportunities Bozeman and MSU have provided for me. I am excited to be a part of such an encouraging and intelligent community!


Juliana G.

Juliana (J.G.)

Class Partnerships: BIOH 440

My name is Juliana and I am a senior majoring in English Literature and minoring in Writing. This will be my third year at the Writing Center. When I'm not in school or working at the Writing Center, I am usually hanging out with my dog, Teddy. I also enjoy sunshine, knitting, mountain biking, binge reading, and rivers. 


Julia H.

Julia (J.H.)

Class Partnerships: ECHM 443

Hey everyone, my name is Julia, and I'm from Whitefish, MT! This is my second year in the Writing Center. What I'm most looking forward to this year in the Writing Center is meeting new people and learning more about writing across campus! I'm currently a junior majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience, with a minor in French. I also coach soccer and am involved with research on campus. When I'm away from school, I enjoy exploring the outdoors through skiing, trail running, mountain biking, and backpacking. 


Jordan R.

Jordan (J.R.)

Class Partnerships: EENV 387, ECHM 443

My name is Jordan. I'm an English major in my senior year. However, I'll try and name all of the things about me that would leave you uninformed about who I am beyond my field of study. I'm loud, but working on it. My favorite part of the day is talking to people, new and old. I have been singing since I was in elementary school up until this year, but you might see me doing karaoke around town sometimes. I live in Belgrade and complain about commuting more than is socially acceptable. 


Jon S.

Jon (J.S.)

Class Partnerships: WRIT 201

Hello, my name is Jon, and I was born and raised in Kallispell, Montana. I am a sophomore studying Secondary Social Studies Education. In my free time, I enjoy a wide variety of games from poker to Monopoly, as well as golfing, hiking, and skiing. I am excited for this upcoming school year and to have some fun improving our writing abilities together. See you in the Writing Center!


Kaiden W.

Kaiden (K.W.)

Class Partnerships: WRIT 201

Hey! I'm Kaiden (pronounced Kye-din)! While I grew up in the Rocky Mountains, it wasn't until college that I had the freedom to truly begin to cultivate my (slight) adrenaline addiction. I love to scuba dive, rock climb, snowboard, play videogames, and travel to learn about other cultures. The role language plays in cultural and individual identity fascinates me, but my main writing interests lie in poetry and creative writing.


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Lauren C. (L.C.)

Class Partnerships: EENV 387, ECHM 443

Hi! My name is Lauren Chavez and I am a senior in the English Writing program with a minor in Music. I was born and raised in a suburb of Denver, Colorado and grew up exploring the mountains. I love Creative Writing and all the genres that fall within that, especially poetry! On most days, outside of class, you can find me at home drinking a cup of tea, reading a good book, writing poetry, or on an entirely different spectrum, rock climbing. Now, you can also find me at the Writing Center, so stop by for all your writing needs!


Landon S.

Landon (L.S.)

Class Partnerships: ANSC 322, ECHM 443, WRIT 201, WRIT 494

 Hi, I'm Landon Shipley, a sophomore pre-medicine student majoring in Organismal Biology and Philosophy. I grew up in Polson, Montana, training and playing in the clean Flathead Lake, adventuring throught the wild Mission Mountains, and enjoying pleasant times with my family and friends. I enjoy swimming, cycling, and running. This will be my first year as a tutor—I hope myself and everyone I meet has a good and beneficial time. I look forward to seeing you in the Writing Center!.


Lauren T.

Lauren T. (L.T.)

Class Partnerships: BIOH 440

One of my defining characteristics as a really young kid was my RESENTMENT for broccoli, though now I've come to love vegetables. As an older kid, I loved airports and road trips, played foosball with my dad, and had rock sales with my best friend (the only customers were my little sisters). I'm still looking for my adult life. In the meantime, I'm simultaneaously laughing and crying my way through college, playing Bananagrams with my husband and our friends (buy it, if you haven't played), and adoring group exercise classes. I'm majoring in English and economics.


Maddie S.

Maddie (M.S.)

Class Partnerships: ANSC 322, WRIT 201

Hi, my name is Maddie Sholar and I am a senior in Political Science. This will be my third year at the Writing Center! When I am not working or schooling, I love backpacking in the mountains, baking, drinking coffee (it's the ritual, not the caffeine... I tell myself), and traveling. This last summer I got to travel to Europe and thru-hike the Colorado Trail, so if you ever want to talk adventure come make a session with me! 


Nas C.

Nas (N.C.)

Class Partnerships: BIOH 440, STAT 412/512

Howdy! My name is Naseeha, but I go by Nass (sadly I have never taken my horse to the old town road). I was raised in South Seattle, but half of my family is from Kenya—an easy realization once you glance at any of the walls in my bedroom which are filled with handmade animal masks, oil paintings, and banana leaf art. I'm a senior studying Chemical Engineering and hope to pursue a PhD in Nuclear Engineering. I am thrilled to be a tutor for the Writing Center and even more eager to continue improving my own skills. In my free time, I enjoy baking little treats, belting my heart out, swimming in open waters, and (quite recently) learning how to play Dungeons and Dragons!


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Niah (N.R.W.)

Class Partnerships: ANSC 322, WRIT 201

Hi y'all! I'm Niah (N-eye-uh), and I'm a Sophomore studying Criminology and English Literature. I'm originally from Aurora, Colorado, but still have yet to try skiing or snowboarding. When I'm not in school I enjoy reading, writing, watching horror movies, and obsessing over Alice in Wonderland--and I have a soft spot for lame puns. I am so excited to be joining the amazing team in the Writing Center, and I look forward to working with you!


Natalie W.

Natalie (N.W.)

Class Partnerships: ANSC 322, EENV 387, WRIT 201

Hello! My name is Natalie, and I am a senior studying English writing and French culture. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and I hope to go back there one day. As far as activities and interests go, I absolutely enjoy doing nothing. I spend most of my weekends watching movies, binge watching shows, reading, and writing... also, cuddling with my roommates' dogs. I look forward to working with you in the Writing Center.


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Sam (S.A.)

Class Partnerships: ANSC 322, EENV 387

Hello! My name is Sam and I am a sophomore currently studying Industrial Engineering here at MSU. I am from the small city of Santa Rosa California just north of San Francisco. When I'm not busy with school, you can find me outside, or inside, writing poetry. I always find myself in awe of how every new piece of writing I read takes on its own personality, its own voice. As a tutor at the Writing Center my hope is that I can help you to refine that voice.


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Trevor (T.M.)

Class Partnerships: ECHM 443, WRIT 494

Hello! Namaste! I am Trevor and I am a double major in Industrial & Systems Management Engineering and Photography. I am a musician by passion, perpetual learner of the Arabic, German, Spanish, Chinese, and other languages by curiosity, and adventurer of the wilderness and world. I am a born and raised Montanan, but I have ventured about the world to more than 30 countries where I have had the honor of volunteering in humanitarian relief in Nepal, India, Germany, and Turkey. I look forward to exploring the world of writing with you and the many adventures that come with discovering, growing, and sharing the wonders of writing! Ciao!


Writing Center Tutors in alphabetical order

Graduate Tutors

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Taylor (T.P.)

Class Partnerships: ECHM 443, STAT 412/512

My name is Taylor, and I am a graduate student pursuing an M.S. Fisheries Management through the Ecology Department at MSU. I am originally from Wisconsin and received a B.S. Biology- Ecology from Northern Michigan University in 2017. I research the physiological mechanisms driving the inter-individual variation observed in cohorts of wild origin cutthroat trout in a hatchery. I enjoy fishing, backpacking, and skijoring with my dog.


David S.

David (D.S.)

Since childood, I've cultivated a deep reverence for nature and the power of written words. I continue to grow my love for culture and the holiness of nature through writing and reading. This year, I published my first book, Poetry Medicine! Currently, I am earning my M.S. in Science Education. Education and writing are my passions! I am extremely honored to be a Writing Center GTA!