Writing Center Tutors in alphabetical order


Aleesha (A.R.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260, WRIT 201

Hi! I’m from the small town of Hamilton, MT, located in a beautiful valley with lots of good fishing, hiking, and camping (which coincidentally are some of my favorite activities). I am an English education major, and a psychology minor, hoping to become a high school English teacher someday. My favorite part of my major is that reading and writing give you an opportunity to explore different worlds, different cultures, and different ideas. And I would love to hear about yours here at the Writing Center!


Anna (A.C.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260, WRIT 201, WRIT 205


My name is Anna (pronounced Ah-nuh).  If you ask me “where are you from?” my short answer would be Austin, TX. My long answer would be the explanation of the numerous places that I moved as a child. I am a breakfast connoisseur; writing food critiques is one of my many dreams. I have also dreamed of becoming an interior designer, a restaurant owner, a professional blogger, a published author and an investigative journalist. So I found myself majoring in English writing.

Arnold   Eliza

Arnold (A.S.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260

Hello! My name is Arnold, and I currently study computer science. I grew up in rural Montana, and I chose MSU because of their fantastic engineering program. I spend most of my time in the library or the SUB, either hanging out with my friends, studying, or reading a good book. If you see me, come say hi!


 Eliza (E.M.D.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260, WRIT 101

Hi there! Born and raised in northern New Mexico, I still call the high desert home and go there often to hang out with my brother, liam, and his service dog, Bonnie. After a couple of years taking time off from school and starting college in Western Massachusetts, I landed here at MSU last fall. I am a liberal studies major in the quaternity option, and I’m most interested in the intersection between conservation and environmental and social justice in the American West.

Ellese   emma foster

Ellese (E.L.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260

Hi! I’m Ellese and I was raised in the mountains of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Unable to surrender the idyllic lifestyle that ski towns provide, I admittedly moved to Bozeman because it was the school with the closest skiing. When the snow’s not falling I love to mountain bike, surf, do yoga, binge read, play guitar, and occasionally trail run. Here at MSU, I am a junior studying English writing and pre-med. 


Emma (E.F.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260, CHMY 311

Hi! My name is Emma, and I am a Post-Bac in my first semester at MSU. I graduated from Seattle University in 2017 in English literature and women & gender Studies, and I’m excited to be back in school and taking classes in preparation for my application to graduate programs in psychology. I want to meet every writer where they are and help them be confident in their writing.

Hannah   Hannah

Hannah (H.C.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260, WRIT 101

Hello, friends!

I am a junior studying elementary education and pursuing a reading K-12 endorsement and honors degree. Originally from Hsinchu, Taiwan, I love tea (particularly jasmine green with honey), singing, rainy days, Chinese painting, and passion fruit.  And I just can’t get enough of culture and the arts. I can’t wait to dive into new learning adventures with this year’s community of inquirers and creators!


 Hannah (H.M.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: WRIT 201, WRIT 205

I was raised by the dank forests of southeast Alaska. I’m a senior majoring in English literature and English writing, minoring in women and gender studies. I believe in writing, collaboration, and sweet, angel-faced goats. My weekends are spent on goat farm, and I love my goats more than anything. 

Hannah   Henry

Hannah (H.T.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260, WRIT 101

Hi, I’m Hannah! I’m from Dillon, MT, but I’ve never successfully ridden a horse or managed to sit through an entire football game. I’m a huge advocate of smelly ski socks, steaming pots of green curry, and hidden huckleberry patches. As a senior(ish) studying English education, women and gender Studies, and some art, I love interdisciplinary learning and all types of writing.


 Henry (H.F.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260, CHMY 311

Hello! I’m a mathematics major with a focus in mathematics, the university’s way to say I really love math. I’m writing all the time, whether it’s proof work, model papers, poems, or short stories. The core of mathematics is presenting your work clearly, concisely, and elegantly, and I am ecstatic to both foster my own skills in it and develop new ways to hone it in others.  

Honey   isaac

Honey (H.R.C.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260, CHMY 311

I’m a sophomore majoring in English lit with a minor in small business and entrepreneurship. I hail from the Crazy Mountains, the crowning jewel of MT. I chose to stay close to my dear dogs: Chief, Grace, and Reggie (all of which I’m guaranteed to mention at least once). I’m deeply in love with huckleberry hot chocolate, all things Halloween, and mindful meditation practices. Come write with me for good company and coffee! 



Isaac (I.S.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260

I’m Isaac, and I’m glad to be back at MSU, and at the Writing Center! I’ve spent much of the last few years working on ranches in eastern California, Wyoming, and Montana. I also studied at Deep Springs College and earned a degree in animal science from MSU. Now I’m here as a post-baccalaureate, completing the courses required to apply to medical schools. When not on campus, I work as a carpenter, prepare playlists for my radio show on KGLT, spend more time than I should playing various instruments, and enjoy making useful things.   

Jacob   Jordan

Jake (J.S.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260

Hi! My name is Jake, and I am a sophomore majoring in history and pre-med. Interesting combo, right? It came about due to a combination of my love of history and a couple of shoulder surgeries. I’m from Scottsdale, Arizona and was originally drawn to Montana for the outstanding snowboarding and beautiful vistas. Outside of the Writing Center, I enjoy snowboarding at Big Sky, mountain biking the flatter hills around town, and hiking whenever and wherever I can.


Jordan (J.R.) 

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260, WRIT 101

Hello! I’m Jordan, a third-year English writing and literature major. I love coffee, visiting with people, and writing. I’m originally from Belgrade, Montana. One of my favorite parts of life and writing is getting to meet new people and discover new forms of study. I’m excited to be working with so many people from different perspectives.

 Julia    juliana

Julia (J.H.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260

Hi, I’m Julia! I am a sophomore at MSU, and I’m majoring in cell biology and neuroscience. I am also working towards a minor in English literature.

I grew up in Whitefish, MT, and so I love all things outdoors!

My favorite activities are: trail running, playing soccer, hiking, and traveling. This is my first year at the Writing Center, and I’m super excited to be here!

   Juliana (J.G.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260, WRIT 201, WRIT 205

Hi, Everyone! My name is Juliana and I am a junior studying English lit and writing. This will be my second year working at the Writing Center, and I’m super excited for it. I’m from Bozeman. In my free time I will most likely be found spending time with my puppy, Teddy. I also love creative writing, skate skiing, and lazy days. I am excited to meet with you!

 kaden    Lauren

Kaden (K.C.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260, WRIT 205

I’m Kaden, an émigré from mountain-swaddled Alaska who sought a college campus equally blessed by tectonics.  I’m a senior, majoring in mechanical engineering, minoring in writing, and thinking about adding another. When not in class, I love slack-lining, skiing, dancing with flammable objects (think Lilo and Stitch), and being completely non-functional until I’ve finished the latest book I’m devouring.  


Lauren (L.A.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260, WRIT 201

Born in Cedar City, Utah but having spent the majority of my childhood in Belgrade, Montana, I’m now pursuing degrees in English, economics, and honors. I’m currently trying to talk myself out of allowing the Writing Center to take over my academics, but it’s hard because I love the Writing Center—mostly because of the people who come into it but partly for its cookies and couches, too. I’m convinced it is a place for meaningful relationships, and I’m looking forward to a full semester of them! 

maddie   Madison

Maddie (M.S.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260, WRIT 201

Hi, friends! My name is Maddie, and I am a junior in political science. This will be my second year as a tutor, and I can’t wait to read what you guys have for me! I am extremely coffee addicted (buying a coffee grinder and French press will do that to you), love backpacking, and bake like it’s going out of style. Come make a session with me and let’s talk! 


 Madison (M.M.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260, WRIT 101

Hello! My name is Madison, and I am a fourth-year student studying economics and global and multi-cultural studies. I adore Montana so much that I stayed in Bozeman, my hometown, for college. I love painting, listening to True Crime podcasts, baking mini desserts, tending to my many plants, and backpacking! On campus, I am an advocate with the VOICE Center and have been involved with Sustained Dialogue. This is my second semester at the Writing Center, and I am so excited to begin tutoring!

Mary   Natalie

Mary (M.B.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: CHMY 311, WRIT 101

I’m Mary, and I’m from Anchorage, Alaska. I came to Bozeman a few years ago and am falling in love with this different, beautiful mountain landscape. I love mountains and exploring them whether it be hiking, running, or skiing. I am double majoring in civil engineering and English literature. It may seem like a funky combination, but it aligns with my passions perfectly: caring for and exploring our planet and learning through reading and writing. 


 Natalie (N.W.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260

Hello! My name is Natalie, and I am a sophomore studying writing, literature, and French. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and I hope to go back there one day. As far as activities and interests go, I absolutely enjoy doing nothing. I spend most of my weekends watching movies, binge watching shows, reading, and writing... also, cuddling with my roommates’ dogs. I look forward to working with you in the Writing Center! 

Nathan   Rachel

 Nathan (N.M.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260, CHMY 311

My name is Nathan, and I’m a recent addition to the Writing Center and a sophomore studying history and accounting. My passions include hiking, climbing, reading, cribbage, and meeting new people. I’m fascinated by people’s wonderful ideas and the ways they choose to express their thoughts with words. I thoroughly enjoy listening to people talk about themselves and their passions. The majority of my writing is in the form of academic papers and written letters. 


Rachel (R.S.) 

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260

Hello, friends! My name is Rachel. I am pursuing degrees in political science and honors, as well as a minor in hispanic studies.  I’m a book-reading, movie-loving, popcorn-eating Harry Potter and Star Wars fanatic (come see my Darth Vader backpack!).  I have an intense passion for community and want nothing more than to positively impact the world.  Schedule a session with me! We can (respectfully) talk politics, podemos hablar un poco de español, drink some tea or coffee, and, of course, discuss your writing!


 Even Kelly Photo

Soumilee (S.C.)

Spring 2019 Partnerships: BIOB 260

Greetings!!! I am Soumilee, and I know that name’s difficult to pronounce, but nonetheless I relish the effort that goes behind it. I am from an over populous city in India, Kolkata, and that’s where the base of my foundation lies. My main academic concentration is neuroscience, additional to biochemistry and an honors degree. Apart from being a voracious reader, I love— talking on insanely bizarre issues, swimming, taking long walks and blissfully forgetting to do most of regular lifestyle stuff (like paying bills ^_^).


 Evan (Z.E.K.)

Graduate Writing Tutor

Hi friends! My name is Evan Kelly and I'm a graduate student in MSU's History Department. I've finished up all my coursework and am now focusing intently on my thesis, an environmental history of steamboats on Montana rivers. I will be working primarily with graduate students this semester, and MSU's Writing Center is an excellent atmosphere for developing ideas, methodologies, and organizational structure for thesis or dissertation work. Whether you are in the early stages of your graduate studies or are almost ready to defend your dissertation, I'm here to help.