Tyler Barton Photo   Bri Bos

Tyler (T.B.)

I am an English Writing major. Though I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, I am a Bozeman native, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I enjoy hiking in the rain, snowboarding in the snow, daydreaming, and hanging out with my wife. I am surprisingly passionate about video games, and I hope to one day be a novelist.


Bri (B.B.)

My name is Bri; I am a senior in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Writing. Bozeman has always been home, but I grew up all over the country since my dad was in the Navy. Living life must be done passionately and I take this to heart. Gymnastics, boating, photography, traveling, and Montana living are some of my greatest passions. My friends, family and animals are my favorite sources for inspiration.


Jack Bouchard Photo    Destiny Brugman

Jack (J.B.)

I grew up in Brentwood, New Hampshire, though I’ve lived in a dozen other places before coming to Bozeman. I transferred to MSU from Fresno City College in California with the intent of majoring in Economics before I declared a major in Writing. I enjoy snowboarding, the outdoors, and am a member of the Bozeman Boxing Club here at MSU.


Destiny (D.B.)

 I’m Destiny, and I am a English Writing major in my junior year. I’m originally from Bozeman and moved around throughout my schooling to end up back in Bozeman at MSU. I participate in and co-instruct Pink Gloves Boxing here on campus. I love writing, both creatively and academically. I will eventually figure out what I really want to do with my major.

Kellie Cooke    Anna Couch

Kellie (K.L.C.)

 I am a sophomore studying Cell Biology and Neuroscience. I am originally from the Sierra Nevada Foothills of Northern California. I am enjoying my time at MSU skiing, hiking, exploring, and studying, of course. When I need some stress relief I go out and shoot my bow. I enjoy writing and helping others with their writing.   


Anna (A.C.)

Hello! My name is Anna. I am excited to work with other students to create beautiful pieces of art. I am a sophomore working on a Writing major with the aspiration to become an investigative journalist. I love vintage '50s design, and Audrey Hepburn is my spirit animal. Outside of school, you can often find me serving breakfast at the local Nova Cafe. Come by the Writing Center and collaborate with me!

 Luke Ebeling   Adrienne Geraci

Luke (L.E.)

 I am a junior working on an English Writing major here in Bozeman. I’m originally from Denver but left for the cold, lack of people, and beautiful mountains that make up Montana. My main passions in life mainly revolve around the outdoors. I enjoy climbing, trail running, skiing, and have a deep passion for botany. I am also the proud owner of a flip phone which I enjoy taking selfies with.


Adrienne (A.G.)

I am currently a sophomore at Montana State and I am working on a major in Fish and Wildlife and a minor in Hispanic Studies. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio where I grew to love Skyline Chili, the Cincinnati Reds, and all things corn hole. My taste in music has been described as "sawdust and banjos" and I specialize in playing the cowbell.

 Olivia Hintz   Liz Kovalchuk

Olivia (O.H.)

I’m Olivia. I’m a senior majoring in both Business Marketing and English Writing. I grew up in Eastern Montana, but love living in Bozeman more than anywhere else. I enjoy traveling (I recently spent 5 months studying in England), baking, and spending time with friends and family. I also enjoy reading, but for the security of my bank account, don’t allow myself into bookstores too often.


Liz (L.K.)

Hi I’m Liz, which is way more efficient than Elizabeth. It’s the perfect name to order coffee with: short and almost never gets spelled wrong. I’m going to be a junior in the MSU Industrial Engineering program, but this will be my first semester at the Writing Center! I love outdoor activities with emphasis on running. I live for cafes and early mornings. 

Kaidan McNamee    Ellise Moore

Kaidan (K.M.)

I'm Kaidan McNamee, and I'm a senior in the Microbiology program at MSU. My primary interest in this field is in research, specifically how bacteria and archaea fight against viral invaders. In addition to attending classes (usually) and researching diligently, I write fiction across a variety of genres and have also developed an interest in scientific journalism, which I hope to pursue after completing my tenure at MSU. 


Ellise (E.M.)

Hi! I’m Ellise and I’m a junior studying English Literature and French. I like short fiction, big pots of tea, and talking superfluously about things that are cool to me (everything). Recent semesters have found me volunteering in the Diversity Awareness office, working as an orientation leader, student fellowing for Honors Texts and Critics, and helping out with my campus ministry.

 Emma Nelson    Jenna Rhoads

Emma (E.N.)

 I am currently a senior working towards a degree in English Literature and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. I moved to Bozeman in 2012 from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and have thus far been disappointed with the lack of snow present during winter (in the areas where us non-skiing folk frequent). I love to write about literary, gender, racial, and video game theory, and I have become completely enamored of Audre Lorde and bell hooks. My hobbies include reading books, organizing my books, buying more books, looking at my books, and  baking. Sometimes I go outside, too.


Jenna (J.R.)

Hello there! My name is Jenna Rhoads, and Fall 2016 is my first semester with the Writing Center! I’m a senior studying Policy and Analysis in the field of Political Science. Besides my love for all things politics and coffee, I can be found kayaking on the Yellowstone, singing along to Phantogram, or watching Meet the Press on Sunday mornings.

Kristie Russette    Nick Staffelino

Kristie (K.R.)

 I'm a senior Studio Arts and English Writing double major and Harry Potter enthusiast. I'm originally from the Rocky Boy's Indian reservation just south of Havre, MT. Illustration and poetry are a couple of my favorite art forms, but I also enjoy impersonating a photographer. Spring 2017 will be my fifth semester working at the Writing Center, and I am so happy to continue working with MSU's community of writers. 

Nick (N.S.)

Hello, friends! My name is Nick Staffileno. I love writing and literature, fly-fishing the gorgeous streams that surround Bozeman, backpacking, hunting, and pretty much anything else in the great outdoors. One day I hope to be an English teacher somewhere in the world, but I am open to pretty much any path in life, granted that that path meanders along a trout stream.

 Bay Stephens    Hannah Telling

Bay (B.S.)

Bay is my actual name (often confused with bae). I’m a junior pursuing an English-Writing major with a Finance minor. Born and raised tromping about the mountains of Vail, Colorado, I enjoy wilderness activities and adventures that make good stories. The third of four siblings, I enjoy people, but time alone is cool too. If you like books, trees, campfires and small houses, we could be friends.


Hannah (H.T.)

 Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m a huge advocate of smelly ski socks, great steaming pots of green curry, and hidden huckleberry patches. I grew up in Dillon, MT but prefer to spend my time at my yurt which is conveniently located ten minutes away from Discovery Mountain. As a sophomore double majoring in English education and art education, I get puppy-dog excited about working with people on all sorts of writing.

 Tayler Veltkamp   Alli Behrens

Tayler (T.V.)

 My name is Tayler Veltkamp and I am an Organismal Biology Major. I am a casual fly fisherman, an up and coming backpacker, and the proud dog mom of two lovely pups. When not in the Writing Center, I am outdoors in the awesome Montana wild, or planning a trip into the awesome Montana wild. During the cold months, I am hiding from the deep freeze with a large mug of coffee and an intriguing novel.


Alli (A.B.)

I’m a second year GTA in the English Department.  I received my BS in English Education from Northern Arizona University.  I moved to Montana four years ago, and my love for the outdoors has been further realized in its breathtaking landscapes.  My free time is spent running, hiking, fishing, reading, traveling and spending time with my husband and dogs. 


ESL and Graduate Student Specialist

Jeff Lynch    Erin Strickland

Jeff (J.L.)

I am Jeff Lynch. I am a life long Montanan and a ten-year resident of Bozeman. I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Montana State University in the English Department.  In addition to teaching classes in writing, my graduate studies focus is on composition theory and practice. I graduated a long time ago with a degree in political science from Carroll College (BA, 1989).


Erin (E.S.)

 My career has been a blend of writing and teaching. I started as a journalist and found my way into education after working as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Georgia. I have a master's degree from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies and have been teaching graduate and undergraduate non-native speakers of English for six years. I love dessert (hint, hint) and I practice yoga regularly. So, remember: the important thing is just to breathe (and eat chocolate).