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2013-14 Writing Center Tutors


Cassidy Brooks
Hi! I am currently student teaching at Bozeman High School in English and value my time here at the Writing Center as an opportunity to develop my own writing skills and my ability to discuss and develop papers with fellow writers. When my nose isn't buried in a book, I enjoy staying active through ultimate Frisbee, hiking, swing dancing, and generally exploring the beautiful state of Montana.
Kerry Byrnes
I‘m a junior studying English writing and business. Originally from Pittsburgh, I relocated to Montana after working two summers in Yellowstone. I enjoy writing – particularly creative nonfiction – reading, backpacking, skiing, and binge-watching Netflix with my cat. I‘m an outdoorsy homebody, if such a type exists.
Andrew Carroll
I am working on my bachelor's degree in English Education and I plan on becoming a high school teacher. I am originally from Billings but I love living in Bozeman. When I'm not snowboarding or otherwise enjoying being outdoors, you can usually find me doing homework in the library or one of the coffee shops near campus.
Carol Clonan
I'm a junior in English Education and this is my second semester working here at the Writing Center. I spend my free time backpacking with my boyfriend and traveling – both in the literal sense and through the pages of my latest book.
Liam Dillaway
I‘m currently in my first year as a GTA in the English Department. I received my undergraduate degree in English Literature from The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) in 2008. I spent the five years between my work at TCNJ and MSU as a wildland firefighter.
Cat Dorian
I am a sophomore from Massachusetts studying English Education. When I'm not tutoring at the Writing Center, I enjoy singing, playing guitar, reading John Irving novels, and immersing myself in the great outdoors. I hope to one day teach high school English and spend my summers traveling.
Anjeli Doty
Second of six, three girls and three boys. Montana raised musician, writer, outdoor adventurer, professional thrift-store shopper, and shoe aficionado. Sophomore in the English-Writing major, culture and news writer for the student-run newspaper The Exponent, and brimming with business ideas and aspirations. That‘s me!
Carson Evans
I have a Bachelor's degree from MSU in writing. My dislikes include excel spreadsheets, spiders, and ranch dressing. My likes include reading, writing, singing in the shower, and drinking overpriced wine.
Betsy Fordyce
I have a BA in History and a MA in Eng. Literature. I study religion and history in preparation for travel to emerging countries. Upcoming trips include Morocco and India!
Fred Fox
Fred is the ESL tutor at the Writing Center. He has taught for A.C.E. Language Institute-MSU, online, and at the high school level. With his wife Daphne, he also writes mystery novels, the first of which is planned for publication soon.
Natalie Griffin
I am a sophomore nursing student who loves travel, singing, science, and hiking. I can be a little crazy and silly, but I LOVE talking about and working through writing with students. Known for my ever-present smile and surprisingly loud voice, I would be more than happy to meet with you and work together through whatever is tangling you up in your writing process!
Kayla Grimm
I‘m a GTA in the English department, and when not on campus I‘m working at Vargo‘s Jazz City & Books. I moved to Bozeman from San Francisco three years ago, and am so thankful for all of the opportunities the transition has brought into my life.
Brooke Hampton
I'm a former Physics major, now an Art and English double major with a minor in French. I'm from a small town in Colorado, so Bozeman is a "big city" for me. Despite my tendency to not like cities, I love being here in Bozeman; hiking, camping, and running on the trails downtown keeps me connected to the outdoors that I grew up with.
Melisha Garrett Haney
I'm a WRIT 101 GTA and a lover of fine books and positive people. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, painting, running, and loving life. I hope to graduate with my English MA in December 2014.
Jake Henan
I‘m a first-year GTA in English Lit. My focus has largely been with Old and Middle English texts. I enjoy all of the outdoor activities that Montana has to offer especially hiking and fishing. I am a PROUD citizen from the state of OMNIPRESENCE, but I‘ve been in Bozeman for 8 years and am completely in love with the area and Montana as a whole.
Kim Hoover
My name is Kim Hoover and I‘m a second semester GTA for the English program at MSU. I‘ve been an English major for four years now, and I don‘t see myself getting out of the field anytime soon. My research interests are rhetoric, composition and pedagogy, and the best part of being a GTA is working closely with students on their writing because they always end up teaching me something as well.
Brady Jensen
Brady Jensen is a senior in the English Literature program and is looking forward to graduate school. He has discovered a soft spot for the 19th century – both poetry and prose – and intends to pursue a Ph.D. in some denomination of 19th century studies. He also has strong feelings about the Oxford comma.
Un Hye Kim
Born and raised in cold, but beautiful Anchorage, Alaska, I'm now a senior in the English Literature program here at MSU. I'm hoping, in particular, to write novels and become a book editor, but while those are specific goals, any future including books would be brilliant.
Gourav Nandi
I am a senior in the Department of History and Philosophy. I spend most of my time discussing Carl Sagan, and Charles Darwin. When not doing school related stuff, I'm mostly engaged in watching and analyzing Star Trek.
Miles Nolte
I teach writing and literature here at Montana State University and have worked, off and on, as a Writing Center tutor since 2009. I also work as a freelance writer and have a regular column in Gray‘s Sporting Journal.
Sadie Robertus
Hi, I‘m Sadie Robertus, a saxophone-playing, art-experimenting, long distance-running, English-majoring, chocolate-eating, theater-going, overseas-traveling sophomore at MSU. This is my first semester at the Writing Center, and I look forward to seeing you all there!
Megan Robinder
I originate from Fountain, Colorado. I‘m studying writing at MSU and hope to write a novel one day. In the meantime I look forward to assisting all that I can at the Writing Center.
Emily Jo Schwaller
Although growing up outside of city limits by a lake and some cows, I originate from East Helena, Montana. My hobbies include anything food related (i.e. baking and cooking), reading, and ice-skating. I love bursting into song and spontaneous dancing. I am a senior in the English-Writing program. My main area of research is Social and Cultural Rhetoric, and I aspire to someday receive a PhD.
Zach Smith
I‘m a first-year graduate student at MSU. I graduated with my Bachelor‘s degree in English Literature in 2011 and took some time off before realizing that I missed the experience of reading and writing. I know that makes me really weird. Outside of reading and writing, my interests include weight lifting and watching sporting events; though, I feel like sometimes (read all of the time) I get way too serious about how well my team is doing.
Kelsey Weyerbacher
I am in my third year of college, majoring in both English Writing and Photography. Outside of school, I enjoy hiking, jet skiing, reading and baking all sorts of things while drinking massive amounts of coffee. After college, I plan on writing some things and taking photos of things.
Jill Yoder
I‘m a graduate student working on my masters in English, along with instructing College Writing 101. My focus is mainly contemporary American fiction, along with all things involving confusing, but intriguing, theoretical texts.


Ingrid Bonner Ingrid Bonner
Hey! I‘m Ingrid, a receptionist here at the Writing Center. I love people, staying busy, camping, hiking, dancing, and more! The Writing Center is a great community! Please stop by and say “Hi” sometime.
Lizzie Guerra Lizzie Guerra
I‘m a student in Design Drafting. I love to draw homes and technical designs. I‘m a receptionist at the front desk who will answer any questions or schedule your appointments!
Kaity Ireland Kaity Ireland
I'm a front desk receptionist here at the Writing Center. I am majoring in elementary education with a reading option. I am from Denver, CO and my favorite thing to do is spend time with my triplet siblings.
Sydnee Lohrke Sydnee Lohrke
Sydnee is a freshman in the Environmental Microbiology program and a receptionist for the Writing Center. Her hometown is Miles City, Montana. Her hobbies involve camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, and boating.
Jarett Pedersen Jarett Pedersen
Jarett is a sophomore from Plentywood, Montana, studying Business Management. During the past three summers he has managed his own lawn care company and enjoys any day that consists of family or golf.

Updated: 07/21/2014