We form new writing groups at the beginning of each semester. If you are interested in joining a writing group where you can work with a writing center facilitator, please fill out this google form.  You will be contacted in late August or early January to be placed in a writing group with other interested students.


What is a writing group?

A writing group is a small group of writers who meet, either face-to-face or online, to actively engage in their research and writing processes. Each member plays two roles: that of a writer, and that of a responder to the other writers/members of the group. The conversation revolves around the writing-in-process (drafts) that the writers share with the group.

In a writing group, you will find that you deepen and advance your own writing experience. You have an immediate audience of peers for testing your ideas and writing, access to others’ processes and revisions which may inform your own. Fellow researchers and writers assist one another in exploring ideas and responding to writing. A facilitator participates to help guide the discussion, but the sessions revolve around the dialogue and needs of the writers. The group space should be a “supportive space” for writers to work through the messiness of writing. (No one “grades” your writing in a writing group; we know writing is a process, and we are not necessarily seeing the final product.)

Infographic detailing the three roles in a writing group: writers, respondents, facilitators