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Codd and Young receive NSF ADVANCE awards

Sarah Codd, Chemical Engineering, and Linda Young, Agricultural Economics and Economics, have received awards from NSF's ADVANCE program. This program is designed to increase participation of women in science and engineering by assisting them in developing competitive and sustainable research programs.

MSU President Gamble said "Our faculty is simply incredible, competing successfully with the nation's best researchers and providing superb education on campus."

Sarah CoddCodd received $387,000 for her work as co-director of MSU's Magnetic Resonance Microscopy Laboratory. The lab explores uses of high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in engineering applications.

"This award will allow me to continue a study of the molecular dynamics in colonies of bacteria, called biofilms, in conjunction with MSU's Center for Biofilm Engineering," Codd said. "Biofilms are responsible for oral plaque and the persistent infections in catheters, medical implants and lungs. The use of novel MRI microscopy techniques will allow some of the vital questions surrounding the function of biofilms to be answered." She co-directs the lab with Joe Seymour who received a CAREER award from NSF this year.

Linda Young

Young's $379,000 award recognizes her work in economics that explores the tension between the achievement of domestic policy goals and trade liberalization.

"I will use the NSF award to continue my research on international food aid and the impact of potential food-aid rules in the World Trade Organization," Young said. She explained that often food aid is sold on a developing country's markets, which affects domestic prices. She will evaluate the price impact of those sales as a disincentive to local production.