Montana State University
Archived Spotlight story

The VP Research Office has selected a new Presidential Scholar, Katie Baldwin, as an intern for the program "Undergraduate Research Internships for Enhancing Diversity in Science and Engineering".

This program is part of a campus-wide effort to enhance diversity in the science fields and increase the number of women majoring in science and engineering, and to increase the opportunities for women to be involved in undergraduate research at MSU. It is designed to provide highly qualified undergraduate students with exposure to research in the sciences and engineering fields, and to gain some first-hand experience working with faculty and graduate students in many of the research labs or centers on campus.

A freshman this year at Montana State University, Katie Baldwin is enthusiastic and interested in many disciplines and currently plans to major in History with minors in German and Political Science. Though a Bozeman native, the educational and economic incentives provided by MSU were too fortunate to pass up for Katie. The area is also quite conducive to her love of almost anything outdoors; Katie is an avid hiker, skier, backpacker and adventurer. In addition to outdoor pursuits, Katie enjoys playing the cello, reading, writing, debating and adores travel. Katie looks forward to the extensive study abroad opportunities MSU provides.

Another passion Katie expresses is her work with the non-profit Girls International Forum. Since after fifth grade Katie had worked with the organization to improve education and diminish human rights abuses for girls in developing nations. Work in this realm is where Katie hopes to continue in the future, after law school, that is.

Katie Baldwin (right)

Other Interns

Keely Obert and Kristy Segal were selected as interns in 2003-2004. Keely has been working with Jerry Stephens in Civil Engineering on his SACO Bridge Project. Kristy is spending her internship with Lisa Graumlich in the Big Sky Institute.

Dana Kreitel and Katie Stahley began their internships in 2004-2005. Dana is now working with Michelle Hardy at the Veterinary Molecular Biology lab using viruses to inhibit gene expression. Katie has been working with Karen Filipovich at the Montana Watercourse analyzing the water marketing laws in several of the Western states to determine what direction Montana water law needs to take.