Montana State University

Archived Spotlight story

The VP Research Office has selected four new Presidential Scholars, Katy Hansen, Erica Wineman, Krysta Buska, and Pavielle Haines, as interns for the program "Undergraduate Research Internships for Enhancing Diversity in Science and Engineering" beginning Fall 2006.

This program is part of a campus-wide effort to enhance diversity in the science fields and increase the number of women majoring in science and engineering, and to increase the opportunities for women to be involved in undergraduate research at MSU. It is designed to provide highly qualified undergraduate students with exposure to research in the sciences and engineering fields, and to gain some first-hand experience working with faculty and graduate students in many of the research labs or centers on campus.

Katy Hansen


Katy Hansen was selected as an intern in Fall 2005 and deferred her internship for one year. She spent last year traveling through 18 European countries and working as an au pair. Katy is studying Industrial Engineering with a Political Science minor. She hopes to work in the area of international humanitarian aid and development. Katy is a Bozeman, MT native and enjoys sailing, backpacking, and skiing. She also loves to read, debate policy, and learn about other cultures. Katy is a member of Global Culture Club, Engineers Without Borders, College Democrats, Society for Women Engineers, and mentors gifted children.


Erica Wineman


Erica Wineman graduated from Park High School in Livingston, MT where she especially enjoyed studying literature and foreign language, writing, and performing with the symphonic band and chamber groups. The convenient location of MSU, as well as the offer of the Presidential Scholarship, helped her to choose MSU. She plans to major in English, hoping to improve her writing skills to the professional level. Her writing interests lie mostly in fiction and poetry. In her study of literature, she has found Shakespearean and classical tragedy and the Bible to be her greatest interest. Other activities she enjoys are hiking (especially during the cold months), and playing the saxophone and the flute.


Krysta Buska


Krysta Buska is a freshman majoring in biochemistry, and is from Helena, MT. Dancing is her favorite hobby because it’s fun, great exercise, and the most effective stress reliever she has found. She has taken classes in ballet, jazz, and hip hop since the age of four. Krysta also enjoys traveling and exploring new places. She would love to backpack through Europe or go on a mission to Africa. Other hobbies include camping, hiking, boating, and scrapbooking.



Pavielle Haines


Pavielle Haines is a freshman with an undecided major, however, she is interested in exploring the areas of genetics, biochemistry, medicine, and political science. She is a longtime resident of Bozeman, MT and chose to come to MSU because of the many wonderful educational opportunities offered. She enjoys playing violin and clarinet, is interested in humanitarian issues, and participates in community service work.




Other Interns

Katie Baldwin (Bozeman, MT) was selected as an intern Fall 2005. She has deferred her second year as an intern, while she spends a year in Germany. Her major is history with minors in German and Political Science. Katie spent some of her internship updating the Women in Research and Teaching website ( She also identified funding opportunities for the Girls for a Change program. In March she traveled to Indonesia to work with the Girls World Summit team, where they gave a Girls International Forum survey to 200 girls and women to assess their needs and the communities in which they live. Upon her return, Katie gave a presentation, and talked about the survey used, her research methods, sensitive questions, and the quality of the survey. She has been reading articles and books on gender and science, and plans to interview women at MSU about how women’s input influences science. An article will result from these efforts.

Dana Kreitel (Ekalaka, MT) and Katie Stahley (Billings, MT) began their internships Fall 2004. Dana worked with Michele Hardy in Veterinary Molecular Biology using viruses to inhibit gene expression. Katie worked with the Montana Water Center analyzing water marketing laws in Western states. She wrote a short paper “Water Marketing 101: What Montana Can Learn from Other States About Water Banking.” She also worked at the Water Center updating educational trunk kits, and researched trading protocols for Susan Capalbo.

Keely Obert (Helena, MT) and Kristy Segal (Atlanta, GA) were selected as interns beginning Fall 2003. Keely spent her internship working with Jerry Stephens in Civil Engineering on his SACO Bridge Project. Kristy worked with Lisa Graumlich in the Big Sky Institute writing informational handouts on current science/resource issues.