Montana State University

Below find contact information for women teaching and working at MSU. This directory is organized by department.
(as of 2013)

I. Colleges and Departments


Agricultural Economics and Economics

Dr. Marsha Goetting, Professor
Dr. Wendy Stock, Professor and Co-Department Head
Dr. Christina Stoddard, Associate Professor
Dr. Carly Urban, Assistant Professor

Agricultural Education

Dr. Shannon Arnold, Assistant Professor
Dr. Janice Bowman, Professor
Kathleen Davis, Research Associate
Dr. Rachel Endecott, Assistant Professor
Marni Rolston, Research Associate
Lisa Surber, Research Scientist

Animal and Range Sciences

Dr. Jane Boles, Associate Professor
Dr. Janice Bowman, Professor
Kathleen Davis, Research Associate
Dr. Rachel Endecott, Assistant Professor
Marni Rolston, Research Associate
Lisa Surber, Research Scientist
Dr. Jennifer Thomson, Assistant Professor

Eastern Agricultural Research Center (EARC)

Dr. Joyce Eckhoff, Professor

Immunology and Infectious Diseases

Dr. Katherine Gauss, Assistant Research Professor
Dr. Michele Hardy, Professor
Dr. Jodi Hedges, Assistant Research Professor
Dr. Rebecca Mattix, Adjunct Assistant Professor, DVM
Dr. Nicole Meissner, Assistant Research Professor
Dr. Jovanka Voyich-Kane, Assistant Professor
Nancy Walters, Research Associate-DVM

Land Resources and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Stephanie Ewing, Assistant Professor
Dr. Christine Foreman, Assistant Research Professor (and Associate Dean of Student Success in the College of Engineering)
Barbara Keith, Research Scientist
Liz Galli-Noble, Director, Center for Invasive Plant Management
Dr. Jane Mangold, Assistant Professor
Dr. Lisa Rew, Associate Professor
Dr. Tracy Sterling, Department Head and Professor
Dr. Cathy Zabinski, Professor

Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology

Mary Bateson, Research Associate
Dr. Jennifer Britton, Assistant Professor
Susan Brumfield, Research Associate
Peggy Bunger, Research Associate
Dr. Mary Burrows, Assistant Professor
Dr. Cathy Cripps, Associate Professor
Dr. Tracy Dougher, Professor
Dr. Florence Dunkel, Associate Professor
Dr. Michelle Flenniken, Research Assistant Professor
Dr. Li Huang, Associate Professor
Dr. Elena Kalinina, Research Associate
Dr. Jinling Kang, Research Associate
Dr. Deanna Nash, Research Associate
Dr. Alice Pilgeram, Assistant Research Professor
Dr. Jamie Sherman, Assistant Research Professor
Dr. Rebekah Van Wieren, Assistant Professor

Western Triangle Agricultural Research Center (EARC)

Dr. Olga Walsh, Assistant Professor


Dr. Nancy Cornwell, Dean


Zuzanna Karczewska, Associate Professor
Maire O’Neill, Associate Professor


Denise Carter, Adjunct Instructor
Dr. Regina Gee, Associate Professor
Gesine Janzen, Associate Professor
Sara Mast, Associate Professor
Meta Newhouse, Associate Professor
Stephanie Newman, Professor
Melissa Ragain, Assistant Professor

Film and Photography

Christina Anderson, Assistant Professor
Stephanie Campbell, Professor
Jennifer Hatchadorian, Assistant Professor
Kathy Kasic, MFA instructor
Alexis Pike, Assistant Professor
Lucia Ricciardelli, Assistant Professor
Cindy Stillwell, Professor
Anjali Sundaram, Assistant Professor


Linda Antas, Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Croy, Professor
Kristin Harney, Assistant Professor
Laurel Yost, Associate Professor


Dr. Caroline Graham Austin, Assistant Professor
Dr. Laura Black, Associate Professor
Dr. Virginia Bratton, Assistant Professor
Dr. Anne Christensen, Professor
Dr. Susan Dana, Associate Dean
Christie Johnson, Associate Professor
Dr. Agnieszka Kwapisz, Visiting Assistant Professor
Dr. Christine Lamb, Assistant Dean
Dr. Myleen, Assistant Professor
Dr. Bonita Peterson, Professor
Dr. Amber Raile, Assistant Professor
Dr. Angela Woodland, Assistant Professor


Dr. Lynda Ransdell, Dean


Dr. Jioanna Carjuzaa, Associate Professor
Dr. Ann DeOnis, Professor
Dr. Jayne Downey, Associate Professor & Department Head
Dr. Fengjen Luo, Assistant Professor
Lidia Haughey, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr. Mary Joyce Herbeck, Associate Professor
Lynn Kelting-Gibson, Assistant Professor
Mary Leonard, Assistant Professor
Marilyn Lockhart, Associate Professor
Dr. Priscilla Lund, Associate Professor
Dr. Carrie Myers, Assistant Professor
Dr. Sarah Schmitt-Wilson, Assistant Professor
Dr. Christine Stanton, Assistant Professor
Dr. Elisabeth Swanson, Associate Professor, and Director, Science Math Resource Center
Dr. Tena Versland, Assistant Professor

Health and Human Development

Dr. Sandra Bailey, Professor
Dr. Carmen Byker, Assistant Professor
Dr. Suzanne Christopher, Professor
Nancy Colton, Assistant Professor
Dr. Allison Harmon, Associate Professor
Dr. Deborah Haynes, Associate Professor
Dr. Holly Hunts, Associate Professor
Dr. Rebecca Koltz, Assistant Professor
Dr. Bethany Letiecq, Associate Professor
Dr. Laura Massey, Associate Professor
Dr. Mary Miles, Associate Professor
Dr. Sandra Osborne, Associate Professor
Dr. Lynn Owens, Associate Professor
Dr. Lynn Paul, Professor
Dr. Elizabeth Rink, Assistant Professor
Dr. Adina Smith, Associate Professor
Dr. Dawn Tarabochia, Assistant Professor


Dr. Anne Camper, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, and Professor in Civil Engineering
Dr. Christine Foreman, Associate Dean of Student Success (and Assistant Research Professor in Land Resources and Environmental Sciences)
Dr. Carolyn Plumb, Director, Educational Innovation and Strategic Projects
Linda Wyckoff, Senior Development Officer

Center for Biofilm Engineering

Dr. Allesandra Agostinho, Research Associate
Laura Boegli, Research Associate
Dr. Anne Camper, Professor, Civil Engineering, and Associate Dean, College of Engineering
Dr. Sarah Codd, Professor, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Dr. Christine Foreman, Associate Research Professor, Land Resources & Environ Sciences
Dr. Darla Goeres, Assistant Research Professor

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Dr. Jennifer Brown, Assistant Professor
Darla Goeres, Assistant Research Professor
Emily Harvey; Research Scientist
Dr. Abigail, Associate Professor
Dr. Stephanie Wettstein, Assistant Professor
Randi Wytcherley, Research Affiliate Professor

Civil Engineering

Dr. Anne Camper, Professor and Associate Dean, College of Engineering
Penny Knoll, Associate Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Yikun Huang, Research Assistant Professor

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Roberta Amendola, Assistant Professor
Dr. Sarah Codd, Associate Professor
Dr. Laura Stanley, Assistant Professor


Dr. Ann Bertagnoli, Associate Program Coordinator
Dr. Paula Lutz, Dean
Dr. Melogy Zajdel, Associate Dean

Cell Biology and Neuroscience

Dr. Cassie Cameron Cusick, Professor
Martha Chaverra, Research Associate
Amy Eibs, Research Associate
Lynn George, Research Faculty
Susan Krueger, Research Associate
Dr. Frances Lefcort, Professor and Department Head
Dr. Christa Merzdorf, Associate Professor
Dana Rashid, Assistant Research Professor
Meagan Snodgrass, Research Associate

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Mary Cloud Ammons, Research Faculty
Doreen Brown, Research Associate
Dr. Joan Broderick, Professor
Dr. Mary Cloninger, Professor and Department Head
Dr. Valerie Copie, Professor
Dr. Jennifer Dubois
, Assistant Professor
Kaitlin Duschene, Research Associate
Kim Hilmer, Research Associate

Earth Sciences

Dr. Frankie Jackson, Assistant Research Professor
Dr. Cathy Whitlock, Professor


Dr. Laura Burkle, Assistant Professor
Dr. Jia Hu, Assistant Professor
Dr. Billie Kerans, Professor
Dr. Andrea Litt, Assistant Professor
Linda Phillips, Research Associate


Dr. Linda Karell, Associate Professor and Department Head
Dr. Susan Kollin, Professor
Dr. Gretchen Minton; Associate Professor
Dr. Gwen Morgan, Professor
Dr. Amy Thomas, Associate Professor

History and Philosophy

Dr. Susan Cohen, Associate Professor
Dr. Catherine Dunlop, Assistant Professor
Dr. Joan Hoff, Research Professor
Dr. Kristen Intemann, Associate Professor
Dr. Michelle Maskiell, Associate Professor
Dr. Mary Murphy, Professor
Dr. Lynda Sexson, Professor
Dr. Sara Waller, Associate Professor

Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Elizabeth Burroughs, Associate Professor
Dr. Lisa Davis, Associate Professor
Dr. Jennifer Green, Assistant Professor
Dr. Megan Higgs, Assistant Professor
Dr. Kathryn Irvine, Assistant Professor
Dr. Jennifer Luebeck, Associate Professor


Dr. Sandra Halonen, Associate Professor
Dr. Deborah Keil, Associate Professor
Dr. Marcella McClure, Professor
Dr. Heini Miettinen, Associate Research Professor

Modern Languages & Literatures

Dr. Patricia Catoira, Associate Professor, Spanish
Dr. Ada Giusti, Associate Professor, French
Dr. Bridget Kevane, Professor, Spanish
Dr. Hua Li, Assistant Professor, Chinese
Dr. Patricia Simpson, Professor, German and Department Head

Native American Studies

Dr. Kristen Ruppel,, Associate Professor


Dr. Angela Des Jardins, Director, Montana Space Grant Consortium
Nancy Equall, Research Associate
Dr. Galina Malovichko, Associate Professor
Dr. Jiong Qiu, Associate Professor
Dr. Carla Riedel, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Aki Takeda, Research Scientist
Dr. Sachiko Tsuruta, Professor
Dr. Shannon Willoughby, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Political Science

Dr. Sara Rushing, Assistant Professor
Dr. Elizabeth Shanahan, Associate Professor
Dr. Franke Wilmer, Professor
Dr. Linda Young, Associate Professor and Department Head


Dr. Rebecca Jo Brooker Assistant Professor
Dr. Michelle Meade, Assistant Professor
Dr. Colleen Moore, Professor
Dr. Jessi Smith, Associate Professor


Dr. Tamela Eitle, Associate Professor
Dr. Susanne Monahan, Associate Professor (and Associate Dean, Letters and Science)
Dr. Leah Schmalzbauer, Associate Professor
Dr. Tomomi Yamaguchi, Associate Professor


Glenna Burg, Assistant Clinical Professor (MSU)
Yoshiko Colclough, Associate Professor (MSU)
Bobbi Derwinski, Associate Professor (MSU-B)
Mary Flood, Research Associate (UM)
Elizabeth Kinion, Bozeman Campus Director & Professor (MSU)
Dr. Sandra Kuntz, Associate Professor (UM)
Laura Larsson, Assistant Professor (MSU)
Dr. Susan Luparell, Associate Professor (MSU-GF)
Dorothy (Dale) Mayer, Assistant Professor (UM)
Gretchen McNeely, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and Associate Professor (MSU)
Dr. Helen Melland, Dean & Professor (MSU)
Polly Petersen, Assistant Professor (MSU-B)
Maryann Prawdzienski, Assistant Professor (MSU)
Susan Wallace Raph, Great Falls Campus Director and Associate Clinical Professor (MSU-GF)
Dr. Alice Running, Professor (MSU)
Dr. Kathleen Schachman, Associate Professor (MSU)
Jane Scharf, Billings Campus Director and Associate Clinical Professor (MSU-B)
Dr. Teresa Seright, Assistant Professor (MSU)
Dr. Jean Shreffler-Grant, Missoula Campus Director and Professor (UM)
Dr. Christina Sieloff, Associate Professor (MSU-B)
Dr. Linda Torma, Assistant Professor (UM)
Dr. Clarann Weinert, Professor (MSU)
Dr. Carolyn Wenger, Assistant Professor (MSU-B)
Dr. Donna Williams, Associate Dean, Associate Professor (MSU)
Charlene Winters, professor (UM)
Zulkowski, Karen, Associate Professor (MSU-B)

II. Centers, Programs and Administration

Administration & Finance

Susan Alt, Director Employee/Labor Relations
Laura Humberger, Assistant Vice President for Financial Services


Jennifer Dunn, Assistant Director of Programs
Becky Roeder, Assistant Director
Ronda Russell, Director

Affirmative Action, now Office of Institutional Equity

Diane Letendre, Director

Alumni Foundation

Jeanne Marie Callahan, Director of Planning Priorities and Property Management
Kerry Hanson, Director of Alumni Relations
Teresa McKnight, Executive Director, MSU Innovation Campus
Animal Resource Center
Dr. Christine O'Rourke, Director

Auxilary Services AND Residence Life/University Food Service

Melanie Stocks, Sports Facilities Director

Career Services

Carina Beck, Director
Erin McCormick, Assistant Director

Counseling and Psychological Services

Dr. Elizabeth Asserson, Psychologist
Dr. Cheryl Blank, Assistant Director, Director of Training

Energy Research Institute

Laura Dobeck, Research Scientist

Extended University

Dr. Kim Obbink, Executive Director


Sandra Germann, 4-H Foundation Director
Jill Martz, Interim Director

Gallatin College

Melissa Bradley, Bookkeeping, Assistant Professor
Nicole Berg, Academic Advisor Work Force Programs
Terra Cusack, Academic Advisor II
Janet Heiss-Arms, Director Academic Success Initiative
Carol Klewin Director, Medical Assistant Program
Patricia Nelson, Interior Design Prog Director

Honors Program

Dr. Ilse-Mari Lee, Director, and Professor of Music

Intercollegiate Program in Science Education

Diana Paterson, Associate Coordinator
Peggy Taylor, MSSE Director

Institute on Ecosystems

Cathy Whitlock, Director

Institutional Audit & Advisory Services

Ila Saunders, Senior Auditor

International Programs

Debra Debode, Director, International Student and Scholar Activities
Geraldine Govaerts, International Specialist
Janelle Rasmussen, Director, Training and Special Programs
Yvonne Rudman, Director, Academic & Training


Sheila Bonnand, Assistant Professor
Amy Foster, Associate Professor
Mary Anne Hansen, Professor
Kelly Myer Polacek, Reference Librarian
Doralyn Rossmann, Assistant Professor
Connie Strittmatter, Associate Professor
Janelle Zauha, Professor

McNair Scholars Program

Shelly Hogan, Director

Montana AHEC / Office of Rural Health

Kristen Juliar, Director

Montana Water Center

Nikki Sandve, Director, Montana Watercourse

Museum of the Rockies

Shelley McKamey, Dean and Director

Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center

Dr. Geneva Chong, Ecologist
Dr. Kimberly Keating, Wildlife Biologist
Jamie McBeth, Physical Scientist

Planning & Analysis

Dr. Chris Fastnow, Interim Director


Dr. Marilyn Lockhart, Interim Director of Faculty Development
Dr. Martha Potvin, Provost
Dr. Jessi Smith-Klaphake, Special Assistant to the Provost / Director of ADVANCE (and Associate Professor, Psychology)

President’s Office

Dr. Waded Cruzado, President
Leslie Taylor, Legal Counsel

Registrar & Enrollment Services

Bonnie Ashley, Registrar

Research, Creativity and Technology Transfer

Dr. Rebecca Mahurin, Director, Technology Transfer Office
Leslie Schmidt, Assistant Vice President for Research
Sandy Sward, Director, Office of Sponsored Programs

Science Math Resource Center

Irene Grimberg, Professional Development Science
Dr. Elisabeth Swanson, Director, Science Math Resource Center and Associate Professor, Education

Student Success & Dean of Students

Terra Cusack, Student Conduct Coordinator
Erin Macdonald-Peck, Assistant Dean

Sustainability, Office of

Kristin Blackler, Director

TechLink Center

Laurel Halfpap, Senior Technology Manager
Joan Wu Singel, Director, Technology Marketing

University Business Services

Kathryn Matzinger, Director of Accounting
Loreen Phillips, Financial Manager

University Studies

Diane Donnelly, Assistant Director/ Academic Advisor
Emily Edwards, Seminar Director
Patricia Lane, Academic Advisor
Denise Malloy, Academic Advisor
Karen Steele, Academic Advisor/National Student Exchange Coordinator
Ryan Storment, Academic Advisor

USDA Forest Service

Dr. Vicki Saab, Research Wildlife Biologist
Dr. Sharlene Sing, Research Assistant Professor

Western Transportation Institute

Michelle Akin, Research Associate
Laura Fay, Research Scientist
Susan Gallagher, Program Coordinator
Rebecca Gleason, Research Engineer
Angela Kociolek, Research Scientist
Suzanne Lassacher, Research Associate
Dr. Laura Stanley, Assistant Professor

WWAMI Medical Program

Catherine Cameron, Professor
Dr. Sheila Nielsen-Preiss, Director, Health Professions Advising
R. "Brownie" Schoene, Associate Director