Montana State University
Internal Funding Opportunities

Faculty Development Awards Program (the Provost and the Vice President for Research have combined the BEST program and the Short-Term Professional Development Leave program into the Faculty Development Awards program). Faculty Development awards will have a maximum award of $5,000 or the actual cost of the course buy-out, whichever is the highest. FDA awards will enable faculty to engage in activities that will enhance her/his scholarship.

Scholarship and Creativity Grants for the Advancement of the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences supports seed grants to full-time tenure-track faculty in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

The Montana Network for Biomedical Research Opportunities (the BRIN Grant) offers faculty, undergraduate and graduate students throughout Montana enhanced research opportunities in the biomedical sciences.

The Undergraduate Scholars Program offers undergraduate students up to $1500 in support of their research projects during the academic year. Funds are provided by the Provost's office, VP for Research office, NSF-EPSCoR office, and the Montana Space Grant Consortium.

The Montana Space Grant Consortium program offers full-time engineering and science educators at U.S colleges and universities the opportunity to participate in NASA on-going research efforts. Graduate fellowships and undergraduate scholarships are also awarded to students enrolled in fields of study relevant to the aerospace sciences and engineering.

International Programs can coordinate research activities abroad for MSU Faculty.

The Montana Campus Compact awards funds to faculty to create service learning programs.

The Montana University System Water Center provides seed grants for Montana water researchers, and competitive grant opportunities for fish health researchers. There are occasional funding opportunities to investigate drinking water treatment technologies.

Interdisciplinary Research/Creativity Proposals supports the development of new interdisciplinary research and creative activities, including the submission of new research proposals that address interdisciplinary themes posted by NSF, NIH, DOE, and other funding agencies.