"Students of Medicine, Apprentices of the Guild, with whom are the promises and in whom center our hopes -- let me congratulate you on the choice of calling which offers a combination of intellectual and moral interests found in no other profession, and not met with at all in the common pursuits of life -- a combination which, in the words of Sir James Paget, 'offers the most complete and constant union of those three qualities which have the greatest charm for pure and active minds -- novelty, utility and charity.' "

-William Osler to the students entering the University of Minnesota School of Medicine in 1892.

 What is Immersion?

From public health to physical exam skills, and a lot more in-between, this experience is designed to get students acclimated in and out of the clinic setting. Throughout the three weeks, incoming students will also participate in additional sessions aimed to familiarize them with the School of Medicine. All incoming students are required to attend Immersion.

Montana's Immersion will begin the Wednesday, August 14th and will continue through August 30th.  Our White Coat Ceremony will take place the morning of Friday, August 30th. We welcome all family, friends, and loved ones to take part in the ceremony so please plan travel accordingly.

 Classes will start after the Labor day Holiday weekend on September 3rd.

E2018 Immersion Schedule (subject to change)

Pre-Immersion Checklist

​​​​​​​In preparation for the start of medical school, there are a number of administrative tasks you'll need to take care of. Please take care of each of the items on the checklist prior to your arrival.​

  1. ​Receive your Enrollment Confirmation Acknowledgement. You will need this information to establish your UW Net ID (Step 2)
  2. Establish your UW Net ID
  3. Complete the E18 Compliance Checklist
  4. Establish your UW e-mail account
  5. Read the School of Medicine's computer technology policies regarding laptop and mobile device requirements
  6. Visit the First Year Student Resource website for course and schedule information
  7. Read the pre-Orientation e-mail newsletter, the "July Mailer", which will be sent out in July. It will come from Emily Slager
  8. While not a requirement, we ask incoming MS1 students to take the Matriculating Student Questionnaire (MSQ), which is administered by the AAMC. Look for a unique survey link sent to you from msq@aamc.org.

We look forward to having you!


E'13's at Grotto Falls


Hyalite Lake at Dusk