TE101: Introduction to Technology Education

Students working on a spaghetti tower

F 1 cr. LEC 1
This class provides an introduction to Technology Education. Throughout the semester students develop a better understanding of the Technology Education curriculum.
The rationale, principles, and philosophy of Technology Education are also discussed.

Students in this picture are working on a problem solving activity.

Students creating structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows.

Activities range from building a SAE (Society of Automotive Eng.) car, to the construction of a spaghetti tower, and writing a paper about technology. This course also provides an overview on the differences between Technology Education and what distinguishes it from Industrial Arts.

Technology Education Instructor
Lidia Haughey, M.Ed
(406) 994-6303
Reid 211
Technology Education Program Leader
Dr. Scott Davis, PhD.
(406) 994-5775
Reid 210